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Although specifically designed for the 13″ and 15″ MacBook, the Cool Bananas 24seven Shoulder Bag will also fit other, similar sized, laptops. My MacBook Pro fits nicely and the fact that it will hold a larger version and, yet, holds mine securely is re-assuring.

I needed a new bag because my older, bulkier bag was just that – bulky and, consequentially, heavy. The 24seven is very light in comparison and although it’s not designed to expand it’s amazing just how much it will hold. This has a vertical arrangement, rather than the more common horizontal – the laptop goes in vertically with the bag being higher than it is wide.

There are 2 compartments inside with assorted pockets and pen holders as well. On the rear is a small zip compartment and on the front is a side compartment (useful for headphones) and a further, deeper vertical pocket held together with a large clasp.

If you’re not a fan of the colour brown then this probably isn’t the bag for you. Although parts of it – including the secure strap fasteners – look leather, it’s not. But it’s stitched well and exudes a quality look and feel. The strap in particular looks and feels like the material that seatbelts are made of, topped off with a comfortable shoulder pad. Although it twists it doesn’t curl up as my previous bag did.

The laptop inside is well padded and, although not tested, I feel that the bag would do well in wet weather.

So far my only gripe has been an occasionally sticky top zip but that may go with a little use.

I bought mine from Amazon for a little over £34 (inc. P&P).

Update, 18 months later

After 18 months of use I’m now replacing it. Lacking a handle, and relying entirely on the strap, I often find myself picking it up, when the strap isn’t accessible, by the top. As a result the stitching along the top is coming away.

One other niggle that I’ve experienced during it’s life is that the padded section on the strap regularly twists to face the wrong way. Not major but, never-the-less, annoying.



A very nice bag – light yet well made – at a reasonable price. The styling will not be to everyone’s taste but, if it is, then this is a highly recommended product.

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