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I develop WordPress plugins, and I may even have assisted with the base code but I’ve never created a theme before. I’ve modified my own, but always from existing themes.

When time permits I intend to change that and create my own theme. Whether it will be a commercial release or not, I haven’t yet decided. As it’s my first it probably won’t be.

My plan is for the following…

  • A fully integrated back-end that will naturally integrate with WordPress. Too many theme setting pages stick out like a sore thumb, with their own styling. This will look like it’s part of WordPress and will be accessible from the main admin menus, not hidden away in the Themes screen
  • HTML5 and responsive design
  • Retina images supported
  • Full and fixed width options
  • Built-in support for particular plugins, where theme modification would be required for optimum results – although these will all be optional
  • Written from the ground-up using built-in WordPress capabilities where at all possible. Error free and compliant code will ensure it’s simple, slick and slimline
  • Best pracises (YSlow, Google Page Speed) followed to ensure a fast website
  • Support for child themes
  • Ability to easily use Google fonts
  • JQuery used throughout to add quality and non-evasive effects

You never know – I may make it so good I want to use it for this site šŸ˜‰

If you have any ideas of your own that you’d like to see then please leave a comment.

Update 1

  • SEO optimised
  • Microformat and microdata support
  • Automatic installation of plugins required to display theme correctly. Optional plugins will be prompted and there will be multiple support for each type (e.g. breadcrumbs featured would suggest all of the most popular solutions).

Update 2

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  1. Good themes, providing basic and advanced options in UI are badly needed in WP.

    I have just started trying out WP, considering migrating a news site over from Joomla. Although WP has some features I need which would facilitate day-to-day content creation, I am absolutely exasperated by the way the WordPress community has been going at it, development wise.

    E.g. Instead of integrating the most widely used options concerning e.g. the post configuration and display in a “Global Parameters” section to which all themes must universally conform, most of that functionality actually rests with the individual theme developers and depends on the theme used and if one’s theme does not currently support some options, one must manually add them.

    This creates a quite confusing environment which is not optimally conducive towards incorporating all that creativity in a consistent forward-moving development process.
    It’s a paradox that WP seems to have such great potential in its core, but all that is not really taken advantage to enhance the user experience and advance its features, so users have to install a bunch of extensions to do things that are supported in the core.
    I started trying WordPress out because it has some built-in features that Joomal lacks, yet I now have thrice as much extensions installed in WP than in Joomla to maintain a similar set of functionalities.

    In a way WP developers have too much freedom, which makes the whole project chaotic (if you can’t code everything yourself). As a result, themes and plugins are too much of a “hit & miss”. I have no confidence – as a generally novice user – that I my site will be “functionally secured” in the mid-to-long term.
    I feed safer with Joomla, even if I have to wait quite a bit to see e.g. tags implemented (with auto-complete feature in order to maintain a meaningful and consistent taxonomy) or custom post formats etc.

    Don’t even get me started on the wordpress.org site, that thing looks like a village that has been violently urbanized and expanded to the size of New York within a few years. WP users should take a look at Joomla Extensions Directory to see what proper organization means.
    Even if there is a great extension in WP that fits my needs, I have little chance of discovering it. I will probably give up the search before I reach it and try it.

    Sorry for the grunt-intro.

    The punch-line is WP does need good themes that take advantage of its core features, that adopt a certain standardization approach to coding and incorporate supported functionalities in user-friendly manner.

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