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With over 590,000 members, HotUKdeals is the UK’s largest deal hunting community. Users of the site post deals they have spotted and other members of the community rate how hot the deal is based on their wealth of deal hunting experience.

With an excellent mobile site the only thing they’ve been lacking is an official App. There have been many pretenders – the Android marketplace alone is awash with unofficial versions. However, HotUKDeals have now officially released their own take for both Android and iOS, free of charge.

Both work pretty much the same. Upon launching you are given 5 options, each selectable via an icon at the bottom of the screen – Deals, Local, Submit, Activity and Alerts.

Deals does just that – lists the hottest deals. With a pull-down tab you can narrow this down – deal types, topics, specific keywords and you can list the hottest or the newest.

Local will show deals near to you. This is quite a wide area, however – I’m covered as “Midlands”, which is hardly local and the offers may be a specific store. What I can’t tell is whether this actually works or not. For instance, right now the hottest local offer is at a Tesco in Haverfordwest – 255 miles away in Wales.

Submit allows you to send in any offers that you’ve come across. To do this you can either sign it with your HotUKDeals website account or Facebook or Twitter account.

Activity will also need you to sign in, as it will show a stream of posts and comments related to you and those you follow.

Lastly, Alerts – my favourite bit. Enter some keywords and the app will alert you when any new deals turn up related to that keyword. Simple but incredibly effective.

The whole app is quite slick and easy to use. However, comments in the Android Marketplace for instance, shows people not realising how they can sign into their account or whether they even can do. Maybe some assistance within the product would be advantageous.

Also, there is no settings configuration. One area where this would be good is notifications of alerts. On my Android phone it uses the default alert tone and vibrates the phone as well – I’d prefer to be able to modify this.


Because there are so many un-official apps available, here are the links to this official version…

Download Android app from Google Play

Download iOS app from iTunes


The following screenshots are taken from the iOS version but the Android version is very, very similar!

[review]There are still some rough edges – I’m not sure if the Local function works, for instance – but for a first release it’s pretty slick and rather useful. Certainly, I’ll be keeping it installed and using it regularly. After all, who can resist a bargain?[/review]

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