Amazon Wish Lists are great. You can save items not only from Amazon but also other sites, stick them in different lists and even sequence them into different orders. It’s a shame the default view can’t be changed from “date added”, so every time you re-visit the order has changed again.


However, sharing them with friends is a little limited – they give you a URL but no way of ordering the output. In the past I’ve shared my list with family at Christmas and they’ve tended to buy from the top of the list – as a result my oldest items have remained un-bought.

However, with a little modification, it can be done.

First of all, grab your Wish List URL. Mine is…

There are a number of parameters that you can now add onto the end…


This can be…

  • all
  • purchased
  • unpurchased


This can be…

  • priority (Priority, high to low)
  • last-updated (Date last updated)
  • date-added (Date added)
  • universal-price-desc (Price, high to low)
  • universal-price (Price, low to high)
  • universal-title (Title)


This can be…

  • standard
  • compact

There is also a method of just showing specific categories but that’s based upon a number allocated for each category and would make this a rather long post. Besides, I doubt many would want to use that one.

To use, each parameters is seperated with an ampersand, except for the first which is a question mark. Here are a couple of examples… – this will show my wish list in priority order – as before but will show the more compact layout