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iNVEZZ is a new UK investment portal.

Still in “beta” the site has the odd “issue” here and there, but nothing you wouldn’t expect in its current status. Certainly, it looks good with clear information that’s easy to access. It’s also quick to navigate too, with no noticeable lag.

You can sign up for an account on the site. It would be nice to see beforehand the benefits of signing up, as this isn’t clear. However, what you do get is the ability to create your own blog which will appear within a specific category (depending on your particular expertise). You can also receive investment alerts and newsletters once you have a profile.

As you’d expect social networking is important and, via your profile, you can promote your various social accounts – this site isn’t just about pointing you towards information but also allowing you to contribute on areas that you have interest in.

One further problem, which I’m sure they will iron out before the site is complete – there’s no “About” page so anybody stumbling across the site may not know what it’s about.

Otherwise, this is a fast, good looking site with good potential for the future.

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