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Clad in shiny white plastic with rounded corners, the Power Junkie Emergency Charger Pack is an interesting product. Designed to charge 2 of your electrical items “on the go” it comes in a padded bag complete with cables and a number of “tips” that should allow you to connect the device to whatever product you have – phones and tablets being the target audience for this.

On the front is an odd looking hexagonal, silver-coloured power button along with 3 very, very bright blue LEDs. These indicate remaining battery level and will flash when the device is being recharged.  On one side is 3 USB sockets – a mini USB “in” for charging the device up and 2 standard USB “out” sockets for charging other devices from it. One is rated at 500mA and the other at 1A. Neither of these are particularly powerful, so any recharge is likely to be slow.

Two USB cables are supplied, each with mini USB tips on. One of these should be used when needing to charge the pack back. Unfortunately no mains socket is provided so you either have to connect the Power Junkie to a PC or use your own  USB mains charger, if you have one.

Ten tips are provided, but only one of each. This, for me is the biggest problem. There’s an Apple connector and a micro USB – all of the others are for very specific and, now, aged proprietary connectors such as those that were once used by Samsung and Sony. Most devices these days use micro USB and as you only have one such tip you can only charge one of these at a time. If the provided cables were the more standard Micro USB and a tip for Mini USB was provided then this would have been a bit more useful. What I did like was the sticker on each tip, indicating its use.

The provided padded bag is overkill – I’m not sure why so much padding is required for such a simple device and it just adds to the bulk. However, even with that padding it’s incredibly easy to switch on the Power Junkie inside with the slightest pressure – the power button is not recessed in anyway and only needs the lightest of touches. Thankfully the LEDs are so bright you can see them through the bag.

Anyone who reads my reviews regularly will know I take exception to excessive package or, indeed, packaging that’s not recyclable – after all most people will take the item out and then throw all the packaging away. In this the cardboard packaging is good, but finding each charging tip in its own individual bag is pointless and wasteful. It’s also frustrating getting each open and getting the item out.

The lightest of paper manuals is provided and a lot of information that would have been useful is missing. The battery inside the Power Junkie isn’t replaceable and there are no provided details on how to extend the life of this.

The Power Junkie Emergency Charger Pack can be bought from Phone4U for £39.99.



A great idea and it does what it sets out to do. But the choice of tips and old style USB connector is highly restrictive. The power button needs a design re-think too. For the price it’s expensive for what it is (and the quality of it).

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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