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When launched earlier this year, the Nexus 7 was available as both 8GB and 16GB models. The latter was the most expensive at £199. More recently they’ve swapped these to 16GB and 32GB, with the 32GB now £199.

However, what this appears to have done is send the retailers into a bit of a pricing spin, with odd pricing and a lack of stock.

As a benchmark, Google sell them online at  £159 for the  16GB model and £199 for 32GB. However, there’s a £10 P&P charge on top of that. It’s also the only place to buy the 32GB 3G model too.

Best Price

  • Argos sell both models but both are priced at £199 and they appear to have stock problems.
  • Tesco are only selling the 16GB model and that’s £189 i. However, at my local store, depending on where you looked, it’s priced both as that and £199.
  • Sainsbury’s sell only the 32GB model for £199.
  • Asda sell the £199 model too but are, sadly, out of stock of the 16GB version, which they otherwise sell at £169.
  • At Carphone Warehouse they have them at £158 and £195, both cheaper than Google. Unfortunately, although the 16GB bizarrely appears 3 times in their search results they have no stock of it.
  • Currys only have the 32GB model, but this is prices competitively at £199.
  • PC World has it at the same price but also the 16GB model for £179. This is the most competitively priced 16GB model, other than that sold by Google.
  • Amazon haven’t caught up at all, as they’re still selling the 8GB and 16GB models – priced at £209 and £222 respectively.

I should note that these are online prices and maybe more in store.

P&P Costs

As mentioned previously, Google charge £10 for P&P, so it’s only fair that other retailer’s costs are factored in.

PC World / Currys have free P&P, as does Amazon and Carphone Warehouse. Argos and Sainsbury’s charge £3.95, and Tesco £3. Asda charge £4.50. In all these cases, you can order from their website and have delivered to a local store for free.

But what if it goes wrong?

A further consideration is what you do if your nice new Nexus goes wrong.

Google may be on the cheapest but they’re hardly none for their contact-ability  Indeed, I’ve seen such comments from people who have had this problem – returning the product has been problematic.

The best solution, for peace of mind, is a “bricks and mortar” retailer or, at least, their online equivalent – that way you can return it to a high-street shop if you wish.

Out and About

As a test today I visited a busy Nottingham retail park.

Comet has their 10% clearance sale. They had run out of Nexus 7’s but a 16GB was, for instance, £171.

Neither PC World or Currys had stock of the 16GB model and the 32GB was £199, as detailed above.


Both Currys and PC World currently offer £20 cashback if you buy a case for your Nexus 7. This offer is available both in-store and via their website. However, in store they’re also doing £10 off the official Nexus case if bought with a tablet. This brings the case cost down to £15 with £20 cashback, reducing the overall cost of the Nexus by another £5 and giving you a free case to boot. If bought online the case will cost you an additional £5 on the total price (but that’s still a good deal if you’re after a case).

Also, if you’re a Quidco user then that can make a big difference to which retailer offers the best value. For instance,  Carphone Warehouse doesn’t offer cashback for tablets but, if you were buying the £199 model, Currys/PC World return 1.5% (approx. £3) and Argos 4% (approx. £8). This would then make Argos the retailer to visit for the top model, even taking into account their P&P costs.

What’s going on with the 16GB model?

Hardly anyone appears to have stock of the 16GB model which is odd as it’s been the consistent model – the only one available all year. Maybe that’s the problem – it’s just too popular – but the fact that retailers such as PC World have been selling remaining stocks under a “clearance” label would suggest they’re trying to just get rid of them.

Back in July Google found demand outstripping supply of the 16GB model after expecting consumers to want the cheaper 8GB model. Maybe the same is happening now – at £199 the 32GB is still a bargain.


So, if you’re after the 16GB model the best place to go is Google and pay £169. Alternatively, pay £179 at PC World ii.

For the 32GB model the Carphone Warehouse’s £195 offer is the best buy or, if you’re a Quidco user, Argos. Alternatively, if you wish to buy in store then the case offer mentioned above makes Currys / PC World the better option again.

  1. this is on Tesco Direct. However, if you search for Nexus or Nexus 7 on their website it comes back with no results. You have to drill down through the menus to find it. Odd[]
  2. via Quidco you’ll get 1.5% cashback – equivalent to about £1.80[]

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