With a plethora of electronic gadgets now regularly in use in the car – a smartphone for taking calls, an iPod for playing music and a SatNav for getting about – where to put them can be a tough question. Vents aren’t very strong and aren’t always in the best position. Windscreens shouldn’t be used and the government is getting tougher on those who obscure their view with SatNav mounts, etc.

Well, a rather enterprising company have come up with the CD Slot Mount. It slots into the mouth of your CD player – the CD inside will still happily play – and provides a sticky, grippy surface for placing your items on.

The whole thing is made of a tough, dark grey plastic and is about 12cm wide and 11cm deep. In the middle if a 7cm diameter foam circles. Peel off the plastic from the top of this and you find it’s quite tacky – when it loses its grip you simply wet it to re-activate the surface again.

The product recently won Invention of the Year by the British Inventors Society and is available from the CD Slot Mount website for just £9.95 (inc. P&P). If you find it un-suitable they will happily refund you too.

Why un-suitable? It’s nothing to do with the CD player but more to do with what the mount may obscure. My car, a Ford C-Max, has its (only) screen for the CD player directly underneath the slot so using this completely obscures it.

In use, though, I only experienced one issue – after removing it I found that the fabric “flap” directly behind the CD slot had not closed properly in one corner and, as a consequence, internal light was bleeding from the area (see photos below). This, though, is probably just a rare issue and, besides, it’s not a problem for me.


A genuinely ingenious idea – it’s cheap to buy and easy to use. Highly recommended.

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