Bought from eBay for just £5.98 (including P&P) this is a PU leather cover and stand for the Google Nexus 7.

The Nexus is held in via a plastic section which clips onto the side of the tablet and the leather cover then folders around it, snapping together via a magnetic fastening. The cover folds into a number of sections allowing you to prop it at an angle for watching videos.

All of the ports and buttons are accessible without a problem and holes are present in the back of the case to allow the rear speaker to work fully.

The “smart” part of this name is because of a clever trick of the Nexus 7 – when you close the case a hidden magnet causes the tablet to drop into standby (as if you’d pressed the side power button briefly). Opening it up wakes the tablet for immediate use too. All of this means that you won’t be fumbling around the side to find the power button too regularly.

The PU leather has a mottled effect which makes it look more like a leather sofa rather than something more luxurious. In fact because of the thinness of the seems at the ends I’m not sure how long the case will last.


It doesn’t add too much bulk and the “smart” feature is a real boon. I’m not really sold on the stand part of the case and I’m equally not sure about the long term life of the product. However, for £5.98 it’s a bargain.

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