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The Kingston DataTraveler Guitar is one of a range of new novelty USB memory sticks from Kingston Technology.

I’ve reviewed a number of Kingston memory sticks before and have always been impressed with their quality – the DT Guitar is no different.

USB GuitarUnfortunately it’s one of those sealed plastic containers that you end up cutting your fingers on but inside you have a simple bit of cardboard packaging and the USB stick itself. The guitar shape is a soft rubber outer case over a small USB connector. The end of the guitar separate and only a small 18mm section is left – this is the bit that’s plugged into your computer. A soft rubber loop exists on the end of this so you can add it to key-ring, etc.

Benchmark results shows the DT Guitar, which is USB 2.0, to have average read speeds (around 17-18 MB/s) with the exception of small files, where it’s below average (less than 2 MB/s). However, it restores its credibility with above average write speeds (over 9 Mb/s for sequential files and around 4.7 MB/s for 512K files), particularly with small files (0.6 MB/s).

No software is included and price-wise it can be found for less than £5 for the 8GB model.


If a guitar-shared USB memory stick appeals then read speeds are okay but write speeds are particularly good.

This is a no-frills, novelty memory stick that represents excellent value for money.

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