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Ford Focus – tips for a new owner

Yes, I’ve just bought a new car – the 2013 model of the Ford Focus Titanium X. It has a 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine which is remarkably good for it’s small, 3 cylinder capacity. A lawnmower it is not!

And the thing about the Titanium X is that it’s bristling with gadgets – it has the optionally appearance pack too which includes keyless entry. Anyway, I’ve come across a number of things that have required head-scratching and a lot of Googling so I thought I’d document them here.

In fact, many of the queries I’ve seen raised in forums and not actually answered so I’m hopeful this might provide a definitive place for getting these finally resolved. And, not wishing to give any bad advice, I’ll be updating this with any changes that I get from Ford Customer Services themselves, who I shall pass this onto.

I’d highly recommend, upon buying the car, sitting in it with the manual and spending some time going over each button and switch, learning it’s use. Of course, sitting on your drive you may not want to actually use all the features (e.g. your wipers on a dry day) or be able to (ambient lighting controls during the day) but at least you can get a basic grasp of all the functions.

Sadly, the manual is not perfect and there are a number of things missing or, in some cases, wrong. Additionally, there is no manual available for the Sony head unit in the UK. A US version is available (apparently, but I’ve not seen it) but this doesn’t include DAB functionality. The main user manual does include some brief information on using it but it doesn’t go to a great detail. Basically, you’re left to work it out for yourself (although it’s not too difficult).

Now, my car is at the top end of the range with many features that others models may not have, so feel free to ignore anything that is not relevant – without lots of searching through brochures I’m intending to detail what’s available to which model.

Keyless entry – locking and unlocking the doors

With keyless entry the car detects your keys being nearby and allows locking and unlocking without their physical presence. However, particularly, the locking can be difficult if you’ve not mastered the correct process and at first I found it hit-and-miss. I wasn’t alone – many people reported the same problems in forums.

Unlocking is relatively easy. You simply grip a door handle and it detects your fingers around the back of it. Don’t pull on the handle immediately as it will take a moment to unlock. Once you hear the familiar “thunk” of the unlock then you can pull on the handle.

To lock the car press your finger to the black square on the handle (twice to deadlock it). DON’T hold the handle as you do it – this is where I was going wrong.

Mono option in Climate Control


The mono option allows you to control a single temperature in the climate control – instead of 2 separate ones. It’s useful if there’s only yourself in the car. However, the manual seems to be wrong.

It states that you hold down the “Auto” button and a “Mono” icon will appear. It doesn’t. Instead, hold down “Auto” and move the drivers temperature dial. This will activate mono (but wouldn’t say so). After this moving the drivers dial will adjust both temperatures. To de-activate mono simply move the passenger dial.

Automatic Start/Stop


The first morning I tried this it didn’t work. However, the manual lists a whole load of reasons why it may not, often because the climate control is needed. In my case I suspect I’d simply been playing with the car too much the night before and the battery was too low.

When you pull up, simply take the car out of gear and take your feet off the clutch and accelerator. You don’t need to apply the handbrake. The engine will then shut off and the “A” logo will appear on the driver’s dash display. Depress the clutch pedal to restart the engine.

Music Automatically playing when connecting a phone to Bluetooth

Ok, here’s the deal – when the car connects to your Bluetooth phone it issues a command to start up your default player. In my case this was the Amazon music player which, although I want to keep installed, I don’t use the music player on it. This is the car performing this action and not your phone. However, I can’t find any setting that allows this to be turned off (although I’ve read people say there is).

For Android users there’s a solution (and probably for non-Android users too) – Media Button Router intercepts the request. It either kicks off the player which it thinks you genuinely want or presents you with a menu on your phone of which media player to use. It works brilliantly and is an ideal solution to this.

Adjusting Ambient Lighting


The Titanium X has some lovely ambient lighting which can be fully adjusted. My belief is that on the Titanium it has the same lighting but it can’t be adjusted. This consists of LEDs which light up key areas of the car – door handles, cup holders, etc.

Above the rear view mirror is a panel on the roof (behind the spectacle holder) Which consists of a white, rotatable knob and flanked by a button either side. The knob lets you adjust the brightness of the ambient lighting and the buttons allow the interior lighting to be switched on/off and, of most interest, change the colour of the ambient lighting.

Many people, though, that they seem to be unable to change the colour. The thing is, the ambient lighting will often come on but it can only be adjusted when 3 conditions are met…

  1. The ignition is on.
  2. Your lights are on (sidelights included)
  3. It’s actually dark outside – you can’t fool it by turning on your lights during the daytime

Meet the above 3 and you can adjust them all you like. Personally, I like the light blue as it matches the rest of the displays, particularly the climate control.

Rear Wipers

Moving from my previous Ford C-Max to the Focus one of the things that initially foxed me was the operation of the rear wipers. In the end of the wiper stalk (the one on your right) is a toggle switch – click it up one notch for intermittent wiping and up another for more regular.

Ford Sync

Ford Sync is the Microsoft-powered computer system built into the car. It’s the voice that you hear (apparently named Samantha) and what powers the voice recognition, etc. And it’s more powerful than you probably realise. However, there’s a reason for this.

Ford Sync is really being pushed in the US but here in the UK it has limited use. For example, software updates can be downloaded applied via USB… in the US. Here in the UK you have to get it updated by a dealer.

In addition in the US they have a further features named AppLink – this enables phone apps to work with the Sync system, allowing them to be controlled via your car’s bluetooth controls. Nice. This is a software feature and is not available in the UK.

However, I’m informed that more features are “coming soon”.

Closing the Bonnet

About the only thing I’ve not yet worked out is the right technique for closing the bonnet. The manual says you should drop it from about 20 – 30cm but I struggled. About half a dozen attempts later and it finally closed. Of course, having it on your drive with a bonnet that won’t close is a bit worrying so I’m reticent to try it again.

When I spoke to the dealer they didn’t seem to think that was usually a problem so it may just be my car (if I continue to have the problem I’ll get it fixed under warranty). Having said that, they did say it needs to be dropped (never pushed down) with some force.

Filling with Petrol


This may seem an odd one but coming from my C-Max the instructions for filling up the car with petrol seemed rather complex. The first time I needed to fill up I made sure I went when it was likely to be quiet and, even then, I did so with some trepidation.

The cover opens with a firm click. The pipe itself is capless and you simply need to insert the pump. Ford instructions talk about inserting it “up to 2 notches” – this is based on grooves on the metal part of the pump. At the station I went to (Tesco) their pumps only had a single groove but this was sufficient. You have to insert it quite straight and some kind of valve system ensures that only the correct type of fuel pump can be used. Removal of the pump is trickier as you have to lift it slightly to get it to come out.

It wasn’t 100% smooth and I’m guessing it will be a few fill-ups before I’m 100% happy with this different procedure.

Mobile Phone Holder


Okay, okay, this isn’t something to learn about the car – it’s basically my recommendation for an accessory. But, for me, having a phone holder is critical. Okay, yes, it connects to the car via Bluetooth and can be controlled wonderfully. But not completely. What if I want to switch from my Podcast to music app? Also, unless I’m ultra prepared and queue up a podcast playlist, I can’t select another podcast to listen to.

No, I need occasional access to my phone and as many cubby-holes and recesses that there are there’s no-where obvious to place the phone which makes it easy to access. A phone holder is needed.

I’ve always used vent mounted ones before but I was worried about the vertical vents in the Focus. Mobilefun had one which works with vertical mounts. I ordered it. It didn’t. Well, okay, yes it did in a fashion. It consists of a spring-loaded arms that grips the vent and then adjustable rubber feet which keep it in place. Naturally, with the vents moving from side to side the holder wants to move as you corner – the rubber feet just wouldn’t get purchase on the smooth plastic dash and so just flopped about.

In the end I settled on one from Argos (easier to return if it doesn’t work well enough!) that sticks to the windscreen. I’ve stuck this to the lower right hand side (from the perspective of the driver) – it sticks solidly and is easy to adjust.

Creating USB Drive Playlists (New)

If you want to create playlists on the USB drive for SYNC to recognise then I’ve found this article invaluable.

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I’m glad it’s been of use to at least one person! My personal Eureka moment was getting the keyless door unlocking to work 😀

Thanks for helpful ways of making the Focus work.

I find the car locking via the door sensors doesn’t work well – on my previous model you left the car the car locked itself. Now with keyless licking you need to use the key or sensor as you suggest.

The synch I find dissapointing. I call my wife Michelle via voice recognition and it dials an Amanda! Apart it might get me in to trouble at home any suggestions as to how to record your own voice for address book names like in previous versions of the car? As far as I can see you can download your phone book but synch doesn’t recognise my voice – any solutions out there ?

It’s meant to indicate that you press it twice to release the boot – no, it’s not meant to swing open. TBH, I always click it quickly twice so I haven’t tried once to see if that does the same – I’ll try it later!

Hi Dave. I too am a proud owner of said focus titanium and have an update for your phone holder item. BRODIT do a custom air vent for this car. That clips onto the fascia at the bottom edge of the left hand vent it grips under the concealed bottom edge of the fascia just above the temperature controls. Two thin adhesive strips lock it in place. And you can fit pretty much ANY phone holder to it. Only downside to it… the cold air from that vent blows directly onto the back of your phone. Hot air in winter cold air in summer.
Also on a side note…
Has your lower door rubbers fallen off yet.
Mine have on all four doors. No more nails double sided bathroom sticky tape works best. But not a permanent fix as this too fails after a few months

How can I stop my radio automatically coming on on its own when engine switched off and car locked happening quite alot thanks

Hi David.
Really useful article but if you could spare the time would appreciate it if you would answer some elementary questions.
Looking at the headlights there are three bulbs in each “cluster” (left and right). Can you tell me what they do? The inner light never seems to come on.
The start/stop is frustrating. It worked perfectly at first (though not when the air-conditioning was working). It now doesn’t work at all.
The automatic lights work ok when you have set the lighting control correctly but the automatic wipers do not.
Would be very grateful for your comments, David


I’m not expert, just an owner of a few months, but I can try my best to answer.

The lights – no idea, tbh. Not looked at them close enough 😉 However, I suspect the lights you refer to are turning lights – as you turn a corner you’ll notice that that direction is suddenly lit. I think it’s for that. A friend complained that one of my bulbs was out but I believe it was simply because one turning light was on and one wasn’t (as you’d expect to happen).

Start/stop – head these problems initially. If your battery is charged well and you’re not putting too much strain on it when you stop then the start/stop should work. You also need to make sure you take your foot 100% off the clutch – even the slightest pressure can prevent it from working. After a good, long motorway drive, switch ac and lights off and try it. If it still doesn’t work, get it checked at a dealer.

Automatic wipers – not had a problem. You can adjust their sensitivity on the “stick”. What problems are you having with them?


Hi David,
Thanks for your helpful reply. Will experiment with turning and see if they come on.
Will also check your suggestions for start/stop.
Never thought of the sensetivity adjustment for the wipers. Will try that as well.
Thanks again for your great help

Thanks for the article. My focus titanium x I’m finding it difficult to get the full beam on when needed . Pressing the left hand ‘arm’ in doesn’t stay in and one can only flash the full beam but not get it to stay on permanently . Any help appreciated

Hi Brian, the lights question, if your Focus is a Titanium X the lamps that are not coming on are for the corner illumination feature, if you are moving at a speed of less the 20mph as you turn left or right the approriate lamp will light, giving extra illumination on that side.

Cheers Ian – yes, that’s right. A friend of mine keeps swearing blind that I’ve got a headlight out but it’s actually the turning lights – he only ever sees my car as I’m pulling out of somewhere at an angle and one of the turning lights is off 😉

Hi David, I too have the same model as you do, mine is a 62 plate and one of the first with Sync fitted. Your right the instructions are rubbish! Here is tip maybe you have not heard about. The Sync system is great when it works, but it is a bit buggy – well its Microsoft! I use an iPod in the car and every few weeks Sync get confused and won’t respond to voice commands for the device. Using Sync Reset feature in the menus is a waste of time, the only way to resolve the problem is power cycle To this end fuse F14 – 7.5 Amp is the one, it’s in the boot area passenger side. Did you know there are 3 fuse boards with over 100 fuses in that car!

I use a USB device in my car containing lots of music for playing through the AUX socket. Without fail, EVERY TIME I start the car, after a couple of minutes delay I’ll get Sync telling me how I can’t use voice commands for it because there are too many tracks. It may then repeat itself a few seconds later. It drives me mad!

Hopefully Ford UK will get its arse in gear and update our version of Sync – it’s much better in the US versions, but then they’re a number of upgrades ahead of us! For a start we can’t do Sync updates ourselves, we have to take it to a dealer (in the US they can).

Hi David, had my Titanium X estate about a month now, 2012 model.
couldn’t dial my wife’s phone until I discovered that it had the international +44 prefix, it dialled OK then. A lot of numbers in my phone book have +44, anyone else noticed this?
Still can’t work out whether my auto headlights or wipers are working.
Really useful website, thanks.
Brian, North Somerset

I believe the Synch problems I’ve experienced re voice recognition are due to the synch software using an American voice?
I’ve given up using the voice recognition as it’s poor, my dealer hasn’t been that helpful. Who at Ford can I complain to? What works ?

No idea, to be honest Mike. Their Twitter account is very good – always very helpful – so you might want to start there.

I don’t use voice recognition generally – phone, computer or in car. Never find it good enough.

Hiya, all…we have just bought a 2014 model Titanium x and it’s driving us mad as to how to adjust the rear view mirror. There is nothing in the manual about adjustment and no visible buttons etc..Help please before hubby has a permanently stretched neck

With regards to your bonnet closing there are 2 rubber bump stops that the bonnet closes on each side of the lock. These simply screw in and out to adjust their height.

If the bonnet is hard to close just screw them both in a half to 1 turn and see if that helps.

As regards closing bonnets on most cars, including the focus , I never let it fall etc , but let it rest ion catch then very gently but firmly push it down until it clicks ….it’s a very gentle way of ensuring closing bonnet , almost noiseless .

had same problem with bonnet not closing, you need to drop it between one and two feet, it then closes with no problems, don’t try and push it closed, also was trying to lock doors with keyless entry by placing hand on handle, this is wrong just use your finger on black sensor press it twice for double de lock, bit annoying when you clean your car with your keys in your pocket doors keep locking then unlocking have to keep key away from car when doing this!

I have a 2013 focus titainum eco. About 5 times over the year I have owned the car, after parking up for about 10 minutes waiting for my wife so the car is in more or less in the same place, it will not start. I press the power button the lights and everything comes on put the engine does not attempt to start. After a few minets and serval attempts later the car starts with no problems. I took it in for it’s first service and was told they have checked everything and nothing is wrong. Anyone else had this problem..

Hi John. I’ve got an edition focus, I don’t have start & stop but it seems something related to battery, isn’t it? I hope you find the problem. I would take it to a mechanic again if the problem persists.

Anyone know how to set up the navigation system.

The dealer put in my home address but I can’t figure out how to delete it or enter a new address to drive to.


I have this very same problem – Help !!! I have tried and tried and when I go in Destination Input my home post code is in there. I went to last destinations and Delete but it still is there …….

Developed a problem with the bonnet sensor on my focus titanium Eco boost when the bonnet is definitely closed the trip computer says it is open and informs me so on the screen it will also not double lock the doors when parked

I’ve recently bought a 2012 FocusTitanium Ecoboost and I’ve noticed the icon on the remote button indicates “2x” on the boot-open image, implying that it fully opens the boot, , but on mine it clicks once and just releases the catch, which is fine but wondered if I should expect it to be able to click twice and swing open the boot. If not , then why the “2” logo?

Steve, it does seem odd? When I double click the tailgate opens slights but not full. As you say, what is the point in having a double click?

Having a double click for the boot is quite normal – it prevents it from being occidentally pressed. It was the same on both my previous cars (one of which wasn’t a Ford) and is the same on my wife’s Fiesta.

Does anyone have a problem when trying to connect their Android device via the USB port? My Galaxy S4 doesn’t seem to be recognized by Sync when trying to access music on my phone. I also have problems with the messaging system, I am able to read and hear messages I send to myself to test the system. But when I receive a message from someone else, Sync doesn’t work. Any Ideas? Thanks.

I’ve never tried connecting to the USB directly, I’ll admit – I have a USB memory stick plugged into it with all my music on. I use Bluetooth to connect my phone instead – that works brilliantly.

Not had issues with the messaging although I know it doesn’t work with iPhones. It’s obviously reliant on specific apps which are recognised as SMS services. I assume that you don’t have different apps performing different tasks (maybe the one displaying your messages isn’t the same as that which you send them from)?

David, thanks for the clarification about the boot release function on the remote. With mine it releases the boot catch on the first click, and that’s it. There is a clunk and a flash of rear lights to indicate that the boot is unlocked ready to lift, and then a second click of the remote just makes the lights flash once again, but the boot catch is definitely released on the first press.
My original query was however to find out if the boot is supposed then to open fully, as implied by the open-boot logo etched on the remote, which I now understand it does not, so thanks for that.

Figured it out . Switch on radio (on/off). Then MUTE radio. Then press Sat Nav button. Allow it to load directions then push Info button and last information sounds. Move away and only Sat Nav is working. ( You can preset sat nav volume in sat nav options ) also if you want the radio then turn the volume know. The trick is to Mute the radio at switch on then
switch on sat nav. Works for me. Hope it helps you.

Very useful article. Especially on locking and unlocking the keyless entry doors. Yup, I held the handle whilst touching the pad. Also, the bit about the ‘Mono’ not displaying on the climate control screen. My 12v auxiliary outlets didn’t work (it was a fuse), so I was sure something was wrong with the display until I read your article.
Thanks again,
Bryan Howell

Glad it helped Bryan – my intention was always to help out any other owners who struggled with the same problems 🙂

I’m confused on how to use wipers and lights on the steering wheel rods and find the volume square on my wheel gets in way of indicator rod. Tried reading manual but find it confusing. I’ve only had my focus 2009 titanium 100 1.6 a week and I’m blonde!!!! Lol. Can u help me please?? Many thanks. Gill.

Hi David, great article. I’ve just got a titanium. There are some lights or are they just reflectors on the edge of the two front doors. Just wondered if they should illuminate or not and if they should how do you get them to work.

I am trying to find out how to turn off all lighting including the courtesy led’s when the doors and hatch are open. Basically if you don’t shut and lock the car the led’s will stay on and just prior to a big trip where I had been loading the car for a while with the doors open the battery was flat when trying to start engine. I live in a very hot climate where battery life is a big problem so this issue is quite an important one.

Great bit of advice, one thing I’m trying to find out, been told by a technician it’s possible, is there a valet mode so that the internal sensor can be disabled for instance when I have my dog in the car and need to go in to a shop, I can leave a window or two open but the alarm keeps going off. My previous car Renault Laguna made a button to press to disable the internal sensor until the next time the alarm was set, they caller it valet mode can’t find it anywhere on a Ford although my very old Sierra had this mode

Mark, I’ve just bought a Focus with all this stuff on and it’s a bit baffling to me. What I have noticed though is this, which may help you. When I stop and press the button to stop the engine on the drivers display it says “press bla bla to disable internal scan” or words to that effect. Sorry will have to look what bla bla is. I wondered what it meant. Does that not happen with yours? Is this what you are after? Will investigate futher.

That’s to do with the alarm. It will be saying something along the lines of “Interior scan press O.K to cancel”. When you get out the car an interior ultrasonic detector will be activated – the prompt is appearing in case you’re leaving a person or animal in the car and don’t want it activated. The alternative option is to head into the trip computer menus and switch off the interior scan entirely.

I just bought a 6 month old Focus estate titanium X and agree that the handbook and instructions are rubbish, I cannot get any DAB stations to tune in and have tried in different areas, also the sat nav has a dark coloured map like the night time mode on the Tom Tom that I have. Can you get the sat nav to give you a warning sound when you approcah speed camers?

If you have tuning problems then see a dealer. I have a Grand C-Max (same as a Focus with a modified body) with the Sony DAB unit and find I get a very good signal is almost all areas. The dealer told me reception would be patchy but, in reality, there have been very few areas with no reception. I have had a couple of occasions where it has said no DAB signal and ended up removing a couple of fuses (can’t remember which) under the glove box to reset it.

And no the satnav does not know about speed cameras and there is no way for it to know about them. The satnav option is a waste of money and any potential owners would be better off with a Tomtom and lifetime map updates. The only benefit is the reversing camera that comes as part of the package (at least on the C-Max)

I will check with the dealer and perhaps the fuses, I was really looking forward to receiving some of the DAB stations that are not available on FM such as planet rock and absolute 70’s. I don’t rate the reversing camera much, it shows things further away than they are

I have been scratching my head re the DAB, when you press radio a few times it brings up DAB1 etc and searches and then says no stations found. After a bit of playing round I found that after the above press the bottom left hand button on the radio system which is marked station on the display, then press the right hand arrow side of the centre knob and it searches again and finds stations in areas, i.e. Leeds, Bradford/Huddersfield and National, you do need to press the right hand arrow after each search find. When a station you want hold down which ever preset you want to store the station in. I contacted Ford re this and they directed me to my dealer service dept and they just confirmed what I had found. I asked about satnav getting to street level when giving directions as I can only get to postcode and they were confused and said they would have a play on a Focus in stock and get back to me.

A question if I may.
Can somebody give me a brief run down of how the “stop-start” function works and what I should expect to happen. Even when I park up on my drive and take it out of gear and put it in neutral the engine doesn’t stop – should I be expecting it to? Do I have to enable it somewhere. I’ve tried reading through the manual but it’s so vague. Thanks in advance.

Can’t comment on Focus as I don’t have it but in general Start/Stop is triggered from the clutch. If you put the car in neutral and take your foot off the clutch then the car should stop. There are conditions that must be met for it to work which is usually the car has warmed up (i.e. will not work first thing in the morning). On cars with start/stop that I have driven (lots of hire cars of varying makes) the start/stop is enabled by default and only disabled when you press the button on the dash. It is then automatically re-enabled on the next start from the ignition switch.

Thinking about it, all the cars I have driven with start/stop have a button somewhere on the dash to enable/disable it. Does yours have this?

You can check if you should have by going to and putting in your car details. This will give a full rundown of the factory specification of your car. Change the preferences to UK which enables registration number entry instead of VIN.

The button to disable start/stop only works for that journey – as soon as you turn off the engine it will re-activate. I suspect it can be disabled somewhere in the menus BUT I suspect the issue is battery… your battery has to be in good order and not being drained much for start/stop to work. I’m guessing in the current weather you have air con on, in which case it may not want to work.

Take the car on a long run, turn off the air con and anything else draining then pull up, put in neutral and take your foot fully off the clutch. If start/stop still doesn’t work then you may have to take it to a dealer.

Thanks for the replies. I bought the car second hand, it’s a 2011 Focus Titanium so I wasn’t 100% sure what I did have on the car. I suspected I had start-stop when I saw it in the manual but I cant find the switch with the “A” symbol anywhere and checking on as suggested brings up no mention of it on my car so I’ve now concluded I don’t have it after all.
Thanks again….until my next question.

Just on that: I shouldn’t need to come on here asking questions it should be clear in the manual but as I’ve said it’s absolute bobbins and ‘not fit for purpose’. It’s far too generic and abbreviated.

hi all i take delivery of my titanium 1.6 diesel tdci nav could any1 tell me what comes as standard thanx

Just got a Focus 2013. Looked out from bedroom this morning and saw lights on the upper right side. I’ve been to car twice and just see the headlight icon on the dash, I guess because lights went on when I got in it? Can you help me.?

David, I need HELP, I rented a Ford C-Max and everything was fine until this morning. I can’t get in the car, as you know there is no key to open the car! I called Hertz and they will charge me to come to check it. I will use my on road side assistance…Do you have any advise for me? Maritza

Probably no help for you but for anyone else there is a key which is under the Ford logo in the key fob. Press the 2 buttons on the side of the fob and the plastic cover should pop up (or need to be prized up) to reveal the key. The key can be put in the fob in a way it can then be inserted into the lock and turned.

Maritza, was there no manual included? If there is, there’s an excellent section in it about starting the car in these circumstances. Where a key would normally go in the ignition you’ll find a plastic blanking plate with a notch cut out of it. Ease this out and there should be a hole which, not coincidentally, is the shape of your remote. Stick the remote in here and, if your starting problem is due to the remote, it should work.

Just taken delivery of a new focus estate Titanium, auto, unsure how to use SatNav without the engine running. So, if you do Not put your foot on the brake, as you would before pressing starter button, then press power switch, you can programme etc the sat nav without the engine running.

Hi David, great information here! Could you give me some advice? I have a 2012 Titanium X Estate and I can’t get the rear view mirror at a sensible setting. In my normal driving position all I can see is the back seat. I have to dip my neck in order to actually get a view of the road behind. My guess is that you are meant to adjust the driver’s seat to the correct position and then the designers have assumed that the rear view mirror will be at the correct setting for you. That’s not the case for me! I’m six foot two, so I’m tall but not excessively so. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure, to be honest. I actually find that it moves anyway – I set it up just right for myself but a few days later I’m finding I have to re-adjust it again.

Ahh. When you say that you ‘set it up’, how do you do that? Just to clarify, I’ve got the auto dimming mirror, and as far as I can see it is fixed in place with no way of changing the angle or direction. To be honest, I think I would have preferred a standard mirror that I could point in the direction that I wanted. I’m not going to be dazzled by cars behind if all I can see is my backseat :-). Thanks again

No, it does adjust – mine is the auto-dimming too. It may be a bit stiff but can be adjusted by hand.

Just given it a go and I’ve managed to adjust it. It was very stiff, which made me suspect that it wasn’t adjustable. I had to use both hands and give it a good twist. Thanks for that.

This is a terrific forum. Mine is a 2014 U.S. version of Focus Plat. Issue: Navigation voice loudness. The manual only specs that you have to go into the menu and adjust notch by notch (crazy!). By serendipity, I found you can use the volume knob when the navigation lady is talking! That’s huge. Dumb oversight. Also, I got the alarm countdown when I used the keyless to get in like normal. Horn sounded once ’cause I didn’t know what the countdown beeps were. It was night and all the windows were open a couple of inches. Would be nice to see an alarm activation trigger list.

I have recently bought a 2013 Ford Focus Titanium with a push button start. I cannot open the windows without the engine being switched on – is that correct? With a keyed start, you can turn the ignition to the first position (i.e. without the engine firing). TIA

Press the start/stop button without pressing the clutch. This will turn your electrics on – the equivalent of the first position on a manual ignition. You should now be able to open your windows.

Due to the popularity of this article, I’m thinking of spinning this off to its own forum, complete with FAQs. What do people think?

Hi David

Having just hired this model today (whilst my Hyundai I30 is in for repair) and am just going through the just basic operations without a user manual .

Thanks for your work.Really good idea for a separate forum with FAQs.


Has anyone found a problem with brake disc wear? The small engine is great hardly hear it, but it gives no engine braking on hills so the brakes get a lot of use. My front discs have worn down to halfway in 20000 miles

Just hope the new focus is better than the heap of rubbish they produced in the 62 model. Ours is 22 months old 25000 miles and the top return hose on the coolant system disintegrated, the water pump is being replaced tomorrow (warranty) along with the brake discs and pads (cost). Also the weather seal is coming off round the door which Fords want £45 to glue back on !!! All in all not happy, we change our car every 2 years and this is our 5th Ford and will probably be the last. Discs should not wear out after 25000 miles.

These days with the removal of asbestos from brake pads the discs usually need replacing with the pads. Changing both at around 30 to 40k miles is normal.

There is nothing to say you should pay inflated Ford prices to have it done.

I’ve found my car does a bit, unless steep hills – the car is just too heavy for some of the hills I go on, yet it awesome pulling up them!

My brakes seem to stick occasionally, although I cannot replicate it (I cannot see the pattern).

David, Collected my new Titanium X this afternoon and guess what, the handbook now has a five page section on operating the satnav! I had a look for this whilst I waited for the dealer to sort his paperwork out and mentioned it to him, He did say there was a file online which was 70+ pages and he could send me the link to it. But he has contacted me since and said the file is no longer on line, when he contacted Ford he was told they had compacted the file to five pages and inserted it in the new handbook. My handbook says 2014 on the front inside cover.

many thanks for your info here I had a good read before todays collection.

worked it out ….. you have to go in Destination Input and despite previous post code there you press OK and it allows you to enter another post code ….. not very logical but hey ….

David or anyone. I seem to have managed to find most things on the Focus but cannot get it to tune into any DASB stations when it search’s all I get is no stations found. The DAB radio in the house finds many stations.

I had the same problem at first. However, in the work car park I found I could pick them up – I tuned them in there and they work perfectly fine at home. Maybe there’s an option somewhere with regard to the sensitivity. Certainly that long aerial on your DAB is far better than the stubby thing on your car roof.

Excellent info here…..I have had to apologise profusely to both my wife and daughter after blaming them for repeatedly leaving the car unlocked overnight (64-plate Focus titanium navigator)…..didn’t realise it had keyless entry as standard!!!! The 1.0 125hp unit is a real beauty to drive…..pity the ambient lighting on my model is red not blue to match the rest of the dials though.

Don’t you have the button that allows you to change it? I can’t believe they’d leave it as red!

Cannot help re 6 digit post code but I went to my dealers as I could not get the satnav to allow a route to be entered to street level. In the end it was easy, where it says City/Postcode just enter the town/village name and then up pops a request for a street.

Also by trial and error I found another menu by pressing both Menu and Nav at same time with ignition on this gives the technicians menu, very interesting info there.

If its 6 digit (eg AA1 1AA) you need to insert a space between the “1”s. If the area you are trying to navigate to does not have an “AA11” you should not need the space. The space is on the end of the letters section of the entry and looks like a shallow “U”.
That is how my non-touchscreen version works.

Have you got the auto-dimming rear view mirror? If so that will have a 12v supply switched with the ignition that you can break into.

Hi David just bought a 13 plate focus zetec and having probs switching the radio on, i know its got an hour timer etc but unless a start the engine up the radio/console wont light up or function or cant seem to use the phone connection either unless engine is runnibg ? Cheers 🙂

What model of radio is it? The Ford version or Sony? I assume your vehicle doesn’t have the Start button option?

its the ford standard one i think. and no its not got the start button (key) version seems it only powers up when engine is running rather than older cars when you do one turn of the key in ignition.

Having literally just bought an 11 plate C-Max Titanium I was wondering if anyone has had a problem with their audio (Sony) unit freezing. Mine’s stuck on radio 1 & I can’t alter it, can’t even set the right day/time. It all worked on the test drive!!
Also for joint drivers of alternate heights does anyone have problems adjusting the interior rear-view mirror. There’s an electrical cable running from it but can’t locate a control; or is that for the anti dimming?

Steve, There is not much difference between the C-Max and the Focus. Join us at for help.
For the radio it is not unusual for them to freeze on DAB. There was a later software update but Ford have now pulled it from the website. You can tell if you are on the latest if it will control an iPod or iPhone just by using the standard iPod cable in the USB socket. Earlier versions required an audio cable. Be aware, there have been quite a few failures of Sony units. If you have not got the latest ask at the website and someone may have the download. I may have it somewhere it you need it.

The electrical cable on the mirror is for auto dimming. Its just a 12V supply, the mirror controls itself. The mirrors are basically horrible to adjust. Lots of people find they ‘droop’ especially when the weather is warm.

I agree with Paul – there shouldn’t really be a difference. I’ve got a Sony head-unit but not had a problem. However, the self-dipping mirror is adjusted by hand but, as Paul says, has a tendency to keep drooping, so requiring regular re-adjustment.

Everyone please ignore my last on the C-Max I just saw Titanium & started typing especially as I googled C-Max. Got my glasses on & still can’t read properly!!

Unfortunately last Saturday whilst on Missionary work into Lancashire my new Focus decided to start talking to me. On the screen between the Speedo and Rev counter I got the following message ” Engine Malfunction seek service” the first and second time I stopped on the side of the road, switched off and then back on again and all seemed ok unfortunately the third time we were on the M62 so stopping was not an option so we limped home. I took the car to my dealers on Monday and they checked the engine management system with their computer which allegedly told them nothing. I was informed that their were some problems with the software so they updated that for the latest version.

On the work sheet that I had to sign for warranty it also said “Exhaust breather pipe”

There has not been any repeat so perhaps it is sorted.

This is interesting….I had the same message yesterday. My Focus had been parked outside for a few hours and when I tried to start it, it turned over but didn’t fire – and displayed the ” Engine Malfunction seek service” message. I tried again 30 minutes later and it started!

I’ve also had two recent occasions where there was no response at all when pressing the clutch and start button. Then it started at the second or third attempt. My car is garaged overnight and on both occasions it had not been started for 3 or 4 days.

I’ve booked mine in to be checked on 25th November under warranty. It will be interesting the same results come back. I’ll reports back!

My Focus went in for a check but there’s nothing to report back on my ”Engine Malfunction seek service” message because the technicians need to see the malfunction to be able to do anything about it.

However, there is a bit more on the “occasions where there was no response at all when pressing the clutch and start button”. I have since discovered that, by keeping the clutch and start button depressed, if the engine doesn’t start immediately, an “Engine Start Pending” message is displayed. I think I’m happy with that!

My Focus mixes up the tracks numerically when reading from a USB mem stick. Works perfectly in every other regard, Any ideas why it can’t count will be appreciated…Thanks

David, If you place your MP3 tracks in individual album folders it will work! Bit more work to setup and stops the mxing up of tracks.

Re DAB display – This annoys me. It only displays some of the description of the name of track or band. Can the font be changed at all to make all the words fit on the display?

I agree. Another thing that annoys me is that a big part of the screen is used for “Preset X”. What’s the point? I know what my presets are. That space should have been used for the extra info. Instead we have to press a button in order to show track/artist/info (non-touchscreen version). The button could instead have been used to show the remaining text that doesn’t fit in the main view.

Interestingly when I borrowed recently a loan car F Fiesta the DAB text was in basic font and all data fitted on the screen. If I listen to Classic FM it always misses off the composers details and leaves me guessing!
Who at Ford and where I can I complain to effectively please?

To be honest, a complaint will probably achieve nothing. In the UK we’re running an old version of the Ford software – rather than upgrade it, as they do in the US, they’re simply rolling out the latest version in the new models. So, I’d say your chances of getting any change would be exactly 0%.

Thanks Mike, the albums on the USB are in relative folders. They transfer to an mp3 player just fine, it’s only the car that can’t read the numbers and seems to sort them by size? No worries really and it’s only concept albums where it gets slightly annoying…Cheers…

I had real problems with this, and also using the voice control you would select an album and it may play all the tracks, play nothing or just play the first track.

This was all solved by creating playlists. I used an MP3 tag editor to remove the album name from all the tracks, I also copied the track artist to the album artist for each track if they were different, after that I created a playlist with the tracks in my desired order and then gave the playlist the same name as the album had. After this everything is good.

Anyone having problems with the Sony DAB radio presets. I have Focus ST3 2014. I can store them but when I press the relevant button to recall the station nothing happens, except it starts to store again. Selecting service on the hot key shows all the presets are stored correctly.

thanks for your advice on the problems with on off situation on ford focus 1l eco engine.
My on off has hardly worked in the 6 months I have had it,
4 returns to the dealer only fixes it for the day, Next day it never works.
Are they merely charging up my battery for a few hours and then returning it as supposedly fixed?
Another point, when I turn on the ignition it opens my boot.
Very embarrassing if you are in a line of traffic at say a roadworks traffic lights.

It sounds like you have a battery or alternator problem. The start/stop will not work without the battery being fully charged. In fact Fords getting some very weird issues when the battery start to fail. Which may explain the boot. Has the dealer checked the battery and alternator? If they are charging the battery for you it suggests either one or other of these has issues. If it is in warranty demand a new battery to at least rule that one out.

i had a battery problem with my Titainium Focus and all manor of problems raised their heads
1 the windows would wind themselves down if you used the automatic mode. You would have to play with the manual mode to get it almost to the top and then stop…
2 the engine warning lights came on and did a merry dance on my dash.
3 the electronics would blip the throttle just a little. this would not have been a problem except the mine is a 2ltr diesel automatic..
4 when going to start it all the gauges would flip about like they were on steroids and then nothing would happen and they would all go blank..
Ford changed my battery and then had to reprogramme the car to the battery, it took a day to do..
now it works fine no problems at all…..

by the way great article…

Further to my previous comment on the DAB preset buttons. I have since realised that you just need to dab the button briefly and it works fine – just dab the DAB!

hi i have a ford focus 16 brand new and i have just noticed the door lights when you open the door do not come on the red light on the side off doors do you need to switch them on or any ideas

Hi Anna,
It’s a 2 stage operation. First there is a lever inside the car on the front passenger side low down near the door hinge. Pulling this will release the bonnet. You should hear a pop and see the bonnet lift slightly.

You then have to go to the front of the car and find a catch that needs to be released. It is positioned more or less in line with the steering wheel. This bit can be a bit fiddly as you can’t see what you are doing and have to go by feel. Once you have done it once or twice it becomes a lot easier. Anyway, you should find a small lever. Pulling this will fully release the bonnet and you can open it up.

To Close the bonnet just let it drop the final 10 – 12 cm down

Hope that helps

I have a 62 plate Focus Titanium, so this post was helpful for me (I’m going to try key-less and the mono climate).

I’m wondering if my car has DAB functionality – Google returned this site as a possible answer. Do you know?

I’ve never had trouble with the bonnet nor the fuel valve – pretty straight forward for me (didn’t even think about it).

Also, haven’t you tried using a USB drive for music? I’ve got 32GB plugged into my car to play my music (saves on my phones battery) and the Bluetooth does interrupt when texts/calls come in, although the volume is real low sometimes (phone’s problem – Nokia Lumia 920) and I cannot hear it, and depending on where my phone is, the Bluetooth doesn’t pick up my voice, and I have issues with voice control anyway (maybe I don’t know the commands).
My pocket it usually the best place.

Apart from that, I think our cars are more or less the same, though I think I may have read about adjusting ambient lighting for my car 🙂

I`ve got an ST3 with the Sony head, how do you turn off the SatNav whilst in motion, say you only needed it to get to the Mway but then you don`t need it to get back. I`ve pressed everything trying to turn it off but can`t find the right way!!!! Cant find anything in the manual either.


I have a 63 plate titanium x and the Eco mode change gear green arrow indicator seems to have disappeared ? Is there an on / off setting somewhere buried deep in the settings ?

There doesn’t appear to be a setting that I can find. I wonder if it has its own fuse? Otherwise, this is a feature that can be switched on/off by the dealership, so they may be able to help you.

Thanks, it’s been working perfectly well then disappeared, a fuse does sound the most likely. I did think perhaps having reached the optimum for gear change, anticipation and speed it had decided to stop advising me.!

I cannot imagine there is a separate fuse as it is just a software feature.

I would try resetting the trip figures and see if that brings it back. Has it been in for a service recently, maybe the dealer accidentally turned it off. Sounds like you will need to go there to get it re-enabled.

You can’t. It’s the equivalent of the old-style mechanical mile-o-meter and is needed to ascertain the total mileage of the car.

Is it possible to display current speed on sat nav? This is very useful in controlled areas as speedo inaccurate. Car is June 14 model.

Hi just wondering if someone can help me with a problem I have with my Ford Focus Titanium X 62 plate? Used to connect my iphone via the USB function in the AUX mode and was able to play my music no problem but then all of a sudden the AUX mode seem to freeze and stop working. The AUX button used to allow me to select the USB , bluetooth or Line In function which I also used with a lead to play my Ipod. However I am unable to play my music from my phone or Ipod now as when I press the AUX button it will not let me select any function to play my music and it is as if it has frozen as nothing shows up on the screen! I am wondering if maybe this is a fuse? If someone could advise I would be really grateful.
Also another small problem is that my car informed me that the battery on my key was running low so no more that two months ago I took it to a Ford dealer and had the battery replaced which worked fine but now to my dismay the car is telling me that the battery in my key is low again! Does anyone know how long a battery in a key should last for as I would have thought that it should last for more than two months??
If anyone could advise I would be really grateful.
Thank you

Key battery usually lasts a year for me. I would suggest they have used an old battery so take it back. It is easy to do yourself.

While you are there ask about your radio whilst you still have some warranty!

Hi David, I have a 2011 Cmax Titainium 1.6d new shape.
Sony radio fitted, now locks on DAB wave band with “no reception” showing.
I have to go through the menu, or use voice control to get the radio back to FM or AM,
where it then works perfectly.
So nothing on DAB waveband as locked!
Any ideas please?
Bestist Peter

This appears to be a common problem and mine has done it a couple of times. There are a number of possible solutions:-
1. Leave it a few days and it will magically reset itself
2. Pressing the scan button sometimes works
3. Go to fusebox under glovebox and pull any relevant fuses (i think there are 2 which look good).

Number 3 worked for me.

In some cases it really has had it and Ford have to get a recon radio which takes weeks and will cost a fortune if out of warranty.

Yes, go to Ford and buy a new SD card. Sit down before they tell you the price. Best way is to go on eBay and buy a year old one for less than half the price. You must make sure you buy the correct one though as there are different types.

Just bought a Nov 2013 Ford Focus titanium X diesel estate. Anyone know how to lower the driver and passenger front headrests please ? I have tried, but no success, and the manual does not give instructions for this. My former Focus Ghia diesel estate [2002] was wonderful in comparison. This all singing dancing technological disaster of a car can’t hold a candle to the former one !!! The seats are not half as comfortable as my former all leather ones either !!! The designers are so hooked on technology that they have ignored the comfort and space required to enjoy sitting in and driving a modern car. The tilted side bits of the seats are SO uncomfortable, making getting in and out a real effort if one is not 20 years of age. Shame on the designers lack of thought.

You need to pinch the round plastic clips that the headrest slides into on top of the seats. There is a lug to pinch in. Some of them seem to give people problems though.

If you YouTube how to replace your battery key you can do it yourself. I did it and I’m a girl! Haha! I am also having the aux not playing problem above. Any ideas?

Anyone know why my cars display is stuck in Russian? I cant find the setting to change it anyhwere! doesnt help that I am having to translate the russian to find my way around the menu!

WOW how did you get a car like that? Sounds like your display was replaced before you got the car or it has made its way over from Eastern Europe. Put your VIN in to see. How long have you had the car as it will be a warranty job. I have seen other posts where people have been told that you need a whole new unit as each language is a separate part number. There is a language setting, however, as part of the Ford diagnostic system so it may be that a dealer can change it.

No need to go to a dealer. You can change the language settings yourself.
Have a look in your handbook or on you tube. I have done the language change myself because my brand new Focus was in French and i am in the UK. The sat nav had another change needed as it was in kilometres. I changed it to miles.

When I press info, I get my position (lat/long). I’d like to be able to get the current track playing on the radio. I got it once …but never again! Can you help please?

I have just bought a Ford Focus with a built in sat nav which does not do as I wanted. There is no instruction book with it and there is no where I can find where just to put in a postcode, but it wont let me. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

Instruction books are available online from Ford.

You should just be able to enter a postcode instead of a town in the first entry box it shows you.

I’ll be off driving around Europe soon and I was wondering if anybody knew how I alter the beam so as not to dazzle oncoming drivers. I’ve seen suggestions that there may be a leaver in the headlight casing or is it a case of using those beam deflector stick on things? Oh its a 2011 Focus Zetec,

We have just bought a 62 plate Focus ST and I cannot seem to get Sony stereo to come on/go off when engine is started/stopped – you have to manual press power button……any ideas on what I should do?

With mine the stereo remains on even when the engine is switched off. It sounds to me as those it’s been wired incorrectly. However, if you can then manually turn it on, it’s receiving power so don’t know why it’s going off.

When you start engine it doesn’t automatically come on like you would expect – you have to press on. the same when you stop engine, you have to press off, not automatically…..surely that isn’t normal?

Ah, I see. No that’s normal. When you turn off the engine it doesn’t turn the music off but it will go off as soon as you open the door – I guess this is because of the start/stop mechanism (you wouldn’t want it switching off everytime you pulled up at a set of lights!). As for automatically on, it does come on if you allowed the door opening to switch it off – if you use the power button then, no, it won’t come back on when you restart the engine.

It does drive – i tried mine out the other week and was very shocked to find it drove around 800 yards (i chickened out and turned around and drove home!)

You need the key present to start the car. After that the engine will keep running (and automatically restart if it auto-stops). If you switch off or stall then you have 10 seconds to restart the engine without the key being present. After 10 seconds it will only restart with the key.

Anybody any idea how I change the beam on my lights not to dazzle oncoming driver when I go over to France. I’ve heard there may be a switch behind the headlight?

If you have the HID headlights then there’s a setting in the vehicle menu – use the up/down/left/right and OK buttons at the left side of the steering wheel

in the settings is shows L/R does this mean left hand drive & right hand or beams point to the left or right

Just bought a 16 plate Focus Titanium Navigator. What is the face plate with the cutouts in front of the interior rear view mirror for?

Without knowing which ‘features’ that model has, I can’t be 100% sure. However, on mine this panel is used for the automatic detection systems – rain sensor, automatic headlamps, etc. If you have automatic braking or road sign detection then it will be used for that as well. Basically, they hide as much as they can in front of the rear-view mirror as that’s a section of the windscreen you can’t see out of anyway.

Hi, A couple of times the infotainment display on my Focus has been blank when I switch on the ignition. The CD and radio are both working. Switching the unit on or off or restarting the car immediately afterwards has no effect. However, leaving the car for a while (probably an hour or so) and the unit is back to normal.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar?

At first I suspected a hardware fault, like a loose connection. However, I read on a US site about another Ford model that it could be a software upgrade being applied.

I am having the same problem with my ford focus I’ve had anew sync unit fitted that worked ok for about a week. The trouble is its an intermittent fault and the ford dealer is struggling to correct the fault Its going back into the main dealer on the 24/11/2015 for the sixth time to see if they can rectify the issue

As has been mentioned, this is likely to be advising you to make a gear change (probably up). The Ecoboost Focus (based on my experience) suggests you run at around 1500 rpm before changing up. You can ignore it, as Al advises, but then I question why you’d buy such a car to then ignore the economy (assuming it is an Ecoboost model).

Normal keys have an option to either open only the driver’s door, (as you currently experience), or all the doors, see the key section in your handbook. I would imagine there is a similar option for keyless.

Just bought a 2014 titanium navigator estate. Drives beautifully and already found one answer on this blog. Great!! But still cannot find how to switch lights to continental LHD. Any ideas?

Hi, I have a Ford Focus titanium 62 plate. I have had it a year, yet only 2 days ago I got in started engine and I had all these red led lights in footwells, doors and above mirror. Yet I got in it today while it was dark and they not coming on. Does anyone know why or how I put them on and off again. Thanks

I have a 2015 ST and the sat nav takes me down small roads and does not plan the fastest route even though its on fastest. it does not distinguish between A roads and single track roads. Has anyone else had this problem Ford are saying nothing is wrong. My wife does not like driving down single track roads.

I have the same problem with sat nav in Ford Focus 2011 model, sat nav takes me down small roads and does not plan the fastest route even though its on fastest.
I am sure I configured “fastest” in routing options as opposed to “shortest”.
Please let me know if there is a way to fix the software

I bought a low mileage 2013 C-Max 1.6 tdci zetec 18 months ago and have been delighted with every aspect – except that I need my wife on board to set the sat nav! To date I’ve simply not been able to enter a new destination, it ALWAYS defaults to the last one she entered.

The manual simply says “use your arrow buttons to input your address details”; nowhere does it tell you how to clear the old one. That clearly works for her while I’m driving but no way can I get it to do anything but start guidance on whatever she last set up.

One LADY driver has supplied a possible answer on this site so I’m waiting for daylight to see if it works for me. If so, I’ll be eternally grateful. Thanks very much in advance for this forum.

I thoroughly recommend Brodit products as phone holders. Come as two parts, one holds your phone (often with a charger option) and the other clips to a location on the dashboard. It fixes into the gaps between the panels and is very well engineered. Really professional look.

I’ve got a weird problem. If I plug my phone (LG G3) in via the 12v socket (aukey 2.4A adapter) in my 2013 focus, Dab radio disconnects.

2012 Focus – should the glow plug light come on every time I push the start button regardless of the air temperature?

Model: Focus Zetec Estate with 14 plate

Problem: Passenger’s (F/N/S, single) window switch lowers but does not raise passenger front window, which can only be raised again using the driver’s (F/O/S, dual) switch. So the motor is working and can be fully contolled using the F/O/S dual switch, and hence the problem looks to be a connection to, or corrosion within, the F/N/S switch.

Query: Is there an easy (perhaps without removing the entire door trim?) way to get access to this switch to check and/or fix it? Access and switch removal was relatively easy on my previous 2003 Focus Estate, because of the wealth of online info about how to dismantle the door panel and remove the handle. But I can find no such info for the newer model.

Any help much appreciated, thank you.

Hiya, we have a 2014 focus titanium, when following directions on the built in sat nav and being on the phone (Bluetooth through cat stereo) the sat nav screen says calling and the persons name, or receiving a call it says the name of the person and accept/decline call, this is all instead of seeing the sat nav route so if I’m on the phone I get lost, unfortunately I get tons of work calls so have to answer, is there any way to resume the directions on screen whilst on the phone at all? Thanks in advance!

Hiya all, Its time for me to replace my aging Nissan Primera and I have narrowed my choice down to a Focus Titanium X or a Nissan Qashqai both on a 2013 plate. I have scoured for info on both vehicles when I came across some threads mentioning that the Focus turning circle is dire. Can anyone confirm how bad it is as this will be a concern that I will factor in when choosing either car. I have also read that Diesel Particulate filters are also a BIG problem on modern day diesels so I’ve decided to go for a petrol model as most of my driving is stop/start in London.Shame really because my Primera is diesel but was manufactured before these filters were mandatory and I like the diesels.

I was just saying to a colleague this morning just how much I love my Focus Titanium. Too many good points to mention. I also mentioned the one point that I hate….the turning circle. Mine has 18 inch wheels and the turning circle is, as you describe, dire. I avoid multi story car parks as the turns for the up/down ramps is a real problem. The multi story in Bangor is a definite “no” as I almost got stuck on the curvy down ramp – it was very close. Turning into parking spots can bit a little tricky as well and I very often have to drive semi in and then reverse, straighten up a bit and then in again. Now I was told it was a result of 18 inch wheels, I personally don’t know about these things, so maybe 16 inch is better? I’d be interested to hear other views. Others may not see this as a problem. If you want a list of what I love about it we’d be here all day. DAB radio – fantastic when you stuck on M60 in rush hour.

Wonderful article David. I have 2013 titanium model and want to know why indicator near main mirror beeps sometime when cars on the other lane pass by? I had to stop the car on next red light yesterday to stop continous beeping?

It beeps because you have blind spot monitoring option installed on your car. Its there to warn you not to pull out as a car is in the name next to you.


Lots of great info here!

I have a 2012 Focus Titanium X but i have misplaced the manual.
Can someone please tell me what the 2 buttons next to the headlight dial on the right are? They have what looks like speed dials on them.

Steve ,

Good review. Just bought a 2015 Focus. Wish I knew how the touch screen sat nav works. Tried inputting postcodes. Then what. There is no obvious way to save and use that data to start the route going?? The car manual is not very helpful, can it be this difficult?

I have just purchased a 66 plate Focus Titanium x and found that the horn sounds very feeble
On investigation by SMC they state that it has just one horn under the bonnet unlike the st line which has 2 horns under the bonnet sounding far louder.
I have been told that I cannot have the single horn changed for a double as I only have single wiring for a single horn is his correct and that I cannot improve on the horn .
Dave from Rochester Kent

Hi – took delivery of my very gadget laden 2016 Focus Titanium x last week. I’ve not tried the Auto Parking yet but the Lane monitoring has already proven useful. The only option missing is integrated Sat Nav. Does anyone know of any 3rd Party Sat Nav option which can be integrated with the Sync 3 system. I already have a portable Tom Tom but it is a hassle setting it up and taking it down. Any help appreciated. I think this is an excellent site Blog David.

hi dave got focus titanium car great but has no gps for sat nav any idea what has happened as last owner used the sat nav and kept the card its a 2012 model

It’s not me being salty but other people have responded here, also called David. No-one has gone by the name of ‘Dave’ and as everything, including the name, on this site refers to me as ‘David’ it’s a legitimate question as to whom you’re therefore asking.

Back to your question… no idea as I don’t have GPS. I’d suggest ringing your local dealer and asking or maybe querying on a dedicated Focus forum, such as

Your car probably went through auction which is when the SD card went missing. Cheapest option is to buy another off eBay. Be careful as there are a few versions. You need the non touchscreen version

David no one has ever replied to my question about having a feeble horn on a 2016 Titanium x which is supposed to be a top of the range model have you any comment ?
David from Rochester Kent

No idea David. I’m not aware of my 2012 Tit X having a “weak” horn (but things are relative – what’s weak for you may not be for me). I’d try asking on to see if any 2016 owners have the same problem (otherwise it could just an issue with your car).

David. Nothing wrong with my old focus this either but this one is a feeble beep not even 2 tone on that model lol

Hi David. I have a friend who has a 2016 titanium x and his horn is a twin tone if this helps. Maybe one of the horns is not working. I have a 2017 focus ST-line and the horn on mine is a single tone. It sounds pathetic. I’m going to email Ford to see what spec it should be or if one of he horns is not sounding. If it’s supposed to be a single tone I will have to get it replaced with a dual.

the horn does sound quiet when sitting in the car my wife says its very loud on the outside could be good soundproofing or the horn is fitted well away from the driver

Thanks David, I’m buying a used model very soon,test drove it yesterday.
I now know how the keyless entry works, I used the lock /unlock buttons on the fob in the “old fashioned way”.
I couldn’t get the start/stop to stop either, but it was hammering down with rain, so wipers, and lights had switched themselves on, perhaps that’s why.

Not sure if it has ambient lighting, guess I’ll find out when I finally get to own it.

Thanks again for the heads up.

Paul Preston

Hi. I have just purchased a 2013 Ford Focus Zetec econetic. Does anyone know how-to turn the traffic sign recognition on which is the sensor mounted behind the interior rear view mirror?

I am hopefully buying a c.2014 Ford Focus 1.0 litre Ecoboost Estate soon and have been looking at reviews online and they all say it goes very well, but that was with just the driver in the car, what is it like pulling with 3 passengers or a heavy load in the back

If I don’t double lock my Ford Focus eco boost by using key fob will the alarm still be activated? It keeps going off outside my house, very embarrassing.

I find it worrying that you state that you don’t need to put the handbrake on when you come to a stop. I know you are talking in relation to the stop/srart, but still, you might give the impression of some kind of automatic handbrake
Always put the handbrake on when you stop!

Re-reading this, I think it’s pretty clear that I mean the handbrake isn’t required for the start/stop to work. My post is not about telling people how to drive, so I don’t think any clarification on this is required.

the locking system is pile of unneeded junk , its confusing to operate if your not used to it . bring back the the key in the lock !

How do you put in a 6 digit postcode in a Ford Fiesta, 7 digit no problem. The garage says it needs updating, the car is 6 years old and Chelmsford have a lot of 6 digits p/codes and Chelmsford has been there longer than I’ve had the car. Ideas would be most welcome. Thanks in advance

I have had a 2013 Ford Focus since new. My favourite radio station Talkradio has now moved to DAB plus. Does the Sony unit in my car have Dab+? Cheers, Brian

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