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Ringke Slim Nexus 5 case

Made by the US company Rearth (although manufactured in Korea), the Ringke Slim, as the name suggests, is a slimline protective case for the Google Nexus 5.

Made in smooth, matt black rubberised plastic, this hard card clips onto the back and sides of the Nexus 5, leaving cutouts for the buttons, sockets and camera. It’s actually quite tough to put on but that’s because it grips the phone so well. Product quality is good but there are a number of sharp edges where sections of the case have been cut-out.


I don’t expect the case is thick enough to provide a huge amount of protection but, at the very least, it will prevent scratches on the rear of the phone. However, that lack of thickness ensures that little extra bulk is added to the slimline Nexus.

The packaging for the Ringke is excellent – although the case is in a plastic bag (inevitable to protect it) that is inside a recycled, slimline box that’s printed with soy ink. A small card is inside promoting the company.

I purchased mine from Amazon – it took a few weeks to come, but it was coming from the US.


It blends in brilliantly with the phone, whilst adding little bulk. Apart from those minor jagged edges the build quality really is superb, with the cut outs (particularly around the camera) being very precise. This is certainly my kind of phone case!

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Ringke Slim Nexus 5 case

Ringke Slim Nexus 5 case


8.0 /10

The Ups

  • Adds little bulk
  • Well made

The Downs

  • Some rough edges

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  1. Can you please include the product link? I can’t seem to find it on Amazon.

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