ORB PS3 Controller Triggers & Analog Thumb Sticks

Looking for a simple and cheap way to improve your PS3 gaming experience? ORB, purveyors of fine gaming accessories, sell some rather find replacement triggers and thumb stick “tops” that may be just what you need.

The ORB triggers are fitted over the existing L2 and R2 buttons on the PS3 controller. Made of a matching plastic to the original these aren’t very difficult to fit and make usage of these buttons. What they do is make the buttons stick out further, particularly at the bottom, allowing your fingers to rest on them more naturally – perfect for shooting!


However, in my case, Battlefield uses L1 and R1 (and, sadly, you can’t swap them) so these often little benefit.

The Analog Thumb Sticks, though, are far more useful. You get two sets in the box. One is the same shape as the existing sticks (i.e. convex) but is covered in a number of raised dots, increasing grips. The second set are concave and have 4 raised dots around the edge to improve grip.

They’re not very easy to get on the controller, I’ll admit, but once on work perfectly. I favour the later ones, with the concave surface. However, they do make the thumb sticks a little top heavy and I found myself, once again in Battlefield, accidentally pressing the SELECT button by mistake sometimes due, in large, to my sausage fingers.

I bought mine from GAMESEEK for 99p each and £2.99 delivery (i.e. total of £4.97).



The triggers look good, are easily fitted and really benefit games that make good use of the L2 and R2 buttons. The thumb stick tops will greatly improve grip but at the cost of added bulk. However, at 99p each, these are really worth a try.

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ORB PS3 Controller Triggers & Analog Thumb Sticks

99p (+£2.99 P&P)
ORB PS3 Controller Triggers & Analog Thumb Sticks



The Ups

  • Triggers are easy to fit
  • Both provide benefit for gamers
  • Cheap

The Downs

  • Triggers could do with a rubber finish
  • Thumb grips are difficult to put on

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