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Installing SVNx on OS X Mountain Lion & Mavericks

On Windows I use TortoiseSVN for my SVN needs – and those needs are light. I use it for uploading WordPress plugins to their repository and nothing else. I’m therefore not interested in learning the ins-and-outs of subversion, but simply how to update my plugin files. TortoiseSVN is perfect for this with its drag-and-drop interface.

Sadly, finding a free, similar solution for OS X has been more difficult.

After trying a number of solutions I settled on SVNx. However, installing it is not quite as simple as you may first think as it requires you to have SVN installed, something which no longer comes as part of OS X after Mountain Lion. Also, if you’re not familiar with editing in Terminal, etc, then this isn’t going to be an easy ride. None-the-less, I fathomed it in the end.

There are a number of places where you can get SVN, but I chose WANdisco. Download it and install – SVN will install at /opt/subversion/bin. You will now need to update the file .profile with this path…

  • Open Terminal
  • Type open .profile. If it reports that no such file exists, first type touch .profile, followed by Enter. This will create a .profile. Now type the open command again.
  • Add to .profile export PATH=/opt/subversion/bin:$PATH and save it.

Now, download and install SVNx. When you launch it, head to preferences and provide the above SVN path in the field “Path to svn binaries folder”, as per the screenshot below…


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  1. Hi David, I would like to ask you about svnx, So svnx will not work without ubersvn? As far as I know ubersvn is discontinued by wandisco

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