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Now you have a lovely looking, and pricey, Xperia Table Z you’ll be looking at a case to protect it. There are various available but the one that caught my eye was the official version from Sony. The official versions of accessories are often the best and, let’s be honest, Sony produce some cracking quality stuff. The one down side – the price. Nearly £50. For a case.

Anyway, I bought it anyway. You have to pay to get quality, and all that.

Sony-Xperia-Z-Case-medium-positionThe first you’ll notice when you get it is the packaging – lots of cardboard and plastic for what is, after all, a case. It even comes with an instruction manual.

The case is made of leather and is held together via an elastic loop rather than any other fastener. It’s a bit retro but it works. Opening up the case, on the right hand side are two plastic rails – the Xperia slides down onto these and then it’s held in place on the short sides. There are ridges in the case by the long edges of the tablet and this prevents the tablet from moving when held landscape. Holding the tablet in portrait, however, is difficult – the other side of the case flaps about with no where to go and a lack of anything actually gripping the long edges means that if you hold the case the tablet swings out. No, landscape use is what it’s intended for.

There are a number of ridges inside the left hand side of the case interior and you use this to prop the tablet up with. These actually work really effectively and you can prod away at the screen whilst it’s propped up without any movement.

A cut-out on the back of the case provides access for the camera but because the bottom of the tablet faces the fold of the case this means that when charging you have to leave the case open. There are, though, magnets inside the case which force the Xperia to standby when you close the case and then switch back on when you open it again.

So, what’s it like in use? The case, although leather, doesn’t look particularly premium – it’s already cracking on the folder after a few months. The elastic strap too is getting a bit weak already (thankfully they provide a spare one in the box). It’s already taken some damage (although I don’t know where from) on the outside. It also provides little protection in the form of reducing impact – whether being dropped or something dropped onto it.

As I’ve said, too, it’s awful when holding the tablet in portrait and has to be left open when you need to charge the device. The elasic strap securing mechanism is fiddly and this isn’t helped by the sharp edges of the case.

Where it does shine is supporting the tablet at a variety of angles securely, without adding too much bulk to the tablet.

I bought mine in black but it’s also available in white and red.



It doesn’t look particularly luxurious and the wear it’s already showing seems to support this. Yet this is a supposedly premium Sony product – and you pay through the nose for that too. For watching videos on using the tablet on your lap it works well but it’s too fiddly and has too many faults generally to be recommended. At £50 there are far, far better alternatives available.

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