V7 Vertical Mobile Sling Bag

The V7 Vertical Mobile Sling Bag is a low-priced shoulder bag for holding a tablet and/or slimline laptop, up to 10.1″ in size. Technically, it’s designed to hold just one but I was able to place two tablets (or equivalents) within it. I was also able to easily put in a 10.1″ tablet with attached keyboard.

The interior is a grey, soft material with one of the compartments padded. Another compartment next to it is of equal size, with a half-size pocket within it. A zip closes off the top with a two-thirds height flap going over the top and Velcroing to the front. It’s not technically waterproof but I’d trust it in the rain a lot more than other bags I’ve used.

On the back is a half-height, zipped compartment and on the front, under the flap, are two open compartments. On the left of the front is a vertical zip which gives access to a large full-size pocket. On the flap itself is a zip which gives access to one further pocket.

An adjustable shoulder strap is present, and this is made of a robust canvas material. Not particularly pretty and there’s no padding but it’s comfortable, none-the-less. The Velcro that holds down the front flap is only a relatively thin strip so you often find you don’t secure it properly – a larger piece would have prevented this. Otherwise, there are few issues.

The big consideration, though, is space. There are a lot of pockets but you can’t put anything too bulky into them – a mains charger is pretty much out of the question unless you have a compact one that folds down to a minimal size. Even then, you’re likely to have a number of bulges as a result of anything you put in. That’s the price, I guess, you pay for such a slim bag.

I bought mine from Amazon.



At not much more than £10 this is a bargain – well made and will hold a tablet in padded comfort. Room is at a premium though, but still it’s an easy and convenient way to transport a tablet or small laptop about.

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