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If you’re the proud owner of a PlayStation camera, the first thing you’ll probably realise is that it’s shouting out for a stand of some kind. Although Sony seems to want you to put it in front of the TV, there’s no reason it can’t work from above it. This product, made by 4Gamers but an officially licensed product, resolves both problems.

TV-clipThis is a t-shaped black plastic stand. Metal and plastic begs at one end fit into support holes in the camera, keeping it in place. This also allows you to tilt the camera whilst held on the stand. The vertical up-right part of the stand actually consists of a flexible hinge which can be bent to various angles. Under the front part of the top support is a rubber lip.

So, if you want to simply mount the camera on, say, a table you use the stand in the ‘t’ position with the hinged support up-right. If, however, you wish to put the camera on top of your TV then the rubber lip on the underside should sit on the top of your TV, preventing it from falling backwards. The stand should then be hinged to angle out and back in against the TV, providing support.

It works, it’s well made. But… £15?

The stand comes in a very slimline box, contained inside within bubble-wrap. Instructions, however, are none existent, not that you need many – but a diagram, at least, would have been useful.



It does its job brilliantly but it’s a touch pricey for what it is.

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