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The Creative T30 are a set of Bluetooth speakers with NFC connectivity and, if you really must, the option to connect to them with a cable. Unlike the current trend for a single piece wide speaker these most definitely come as a pair – each is quite large, in gloss black with uncovered cones on the front of each. A bass-reflex port sits on the top of each. On the right speaker are the chunky chrome-look controls and white-lit buttons. Those speakers each consist of a custom-made silk dome tweeters and a woven glass-fibre cone driver.

Creative-T30Each speaker sits slightly back at a 10 degree angle – therefore it’s recommended that the speakers aren’t put too high (I’d say chest height at most). As the cones on the front are uncovered, if you have small children (and, therefore, inquisitive, pokey fingers) these may not be the best option for you.

To get the speakers working you must run a cable (about 60 inches long – if this isn’t long enough then a simple audio cable extension should work) from the left to right speaker and then connect the right speaker to a provided mains connection – there is no battery option. Then switch it on via one of the two buttons on the front of the right speaker. The other button is for Bluetooth – press it once to switch on Bluetooth and hold it for 3 seconds to start the pairing process. The three knobs on the front are for volume, bass and treble. In-between the two buttons is a headphone socket.

The pairing process is, thankfully, very simple thanks to built-in speech that talks you through what you need to do. If you wish to make the process even easier, and you have an NFC equipped phone, simply touch this to the top of the speaker. The phone will instantly pair – if the speakers aren’t powered on it will even do that for you.

Sound wise, it’s excellent. Plenty of bass but, at the same time, it’s not drowning out the detail – playing some music through it I was able to easily pick out detail that I’d not detected in the past. The volume goes very loud without distortion and even through standard Bluetooth is exceptionally good. If your playback device supports Apt-X then you’ll get an even better sound thanks to improved audio transmission. Of course, the cable option is always going to be the best.

Let’s put it this way – the T30 has replaced my existing speaker set-up which consisted of a single piece speaker and wireless sub-woofer (and costing many times more than the T30 does). Creative state that their intention is to eliminate the need for a separate sub-woofer with this and they’ve certainly succeeded.

I don’t think Creative has ever been in my “good books” with regard to their packaging and this is no exception – 4 separate booklets (in multiple languages), lots of plastic wrap, bags, ties, etc. They make good use of the box by printing a lot of the instructions on that, including the flaps under the lid. However, this is simply duplicated on the provided documentation.

As well as the speakers you get the power supply (an inline “block”), auxiliary cable and an RCA adapter.

They have an RRP of £99 but can be bought for not much more than £80.



Brilliant! They look and sound fantastic and, for the money, are great value.

They’re not portable but if you have all your music on your phone (or use Spotify) then they would make a great home music system. With the cable they can even be used as replacement PC speakers as well (or Bluetooth connect them to your laptop).

Highly recommended.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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