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The GoKey is a fantastic idea, currently raising funds via Indiegogo. In fact it’s already surpassed its original target and is now seeking further funds to add more feature.

But what is the GoKey? Simply put it’s the ultimate key fob.

Imagine something that you could add to your keyring that would do any of the following..

  • USB storage device
  • Charge your phone from a built-in battery
  • Connect your phone to your computer
  • Locate your keys via Bluetooth
  • Locate your phone – a button on the GoKey would make the phone ring

Well, the GoKey does them all. Need to check the battery? Shake it and a light will indicate the level. If they get to their first “stretch” targe then they’ll also add GPS tracking, if they reach the second they’ll upgrade the USB to USB 3.

There will be different versions available – phone connection will be Lightning or micro USB and you can choose between 8, 16 and 32GB of memory. Oh and you can choose a black or white GoKey.

As CNET said..

As someone who currently carries both a USB flash drive and a ChargeKey, I can definitely see the appeal of something like the GoKey. When you factor in what you’d pay to get four such gizmos separately, the pricing seems to work. The keychain-clutter reduction certainly does.

I’m very excited about this product and have already ordered one. You can find out more too in the video below.

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