PlayStation 3 & PlayStation 4 Firmware Updates Announced

Yesterday the latest firmware releases for the PS3 and PS4 were announced.

For the PS4, it’s only a small update, improving system software stability and incorporating minor bug fixes.

For the PS3 the following changes have been made…

  • “Check for Updates” has been added to the options menu (by pressing Triangle). Similar to the PSP and Vita, game title updates can now be manually checked when your system is connected to the internet. Go to a game (don’t start it), hit Triangle button, choose “Check for Updates”.
  •  Closed Captions are now supported for the play back of Blu-ray Disc titles and DVDs. To display Closed Captions select (Settings) > (Video Settings) > (Closed Captions). The style used for Closed Captions such as Font, Size, Color can now be adjusted.
  •  And, of course, “System stability has been improved.

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