Incipio Feather Case for Sony Xperia Tablet Z

I don’t know what it is about simple, but good quality, cases for smartphones and tablets – for the thin bit of rubberised plastic that you’re getting, they seems to be pretty expensive. The same can be said for this case for the Sony Xperia Tablet Z – the Incipio Feather.

Looking like a giant-sized phone case, this is a black rubberised case that snaps on to protect the back and sides. By “protect” I mean a modicum of protection – mainly from scratches and minor marks. If you drop the Xperia, this case is unlikely to do much.

It’s made well, though, and it’s definitely got the feel of a quality product. There are cutouts where required and whole sections missing where a port has to have its cover removed (so you can get your sausage fingers in there to remove the covers).

It comes packaged in a transparent plastic box, with some pretty sharp corners. Inside is a full height piece of folder card – inside this is a screen protector and large screen wipe.

And not much else can be said. The rear has a pleasing grip, without the need to add any pattern as it’s completely smooth. I bought mine from Amazon for £24.52 which, to me, seems pretty pricey.



To protect the Xperia Tablet Z from minor scratches and knocks, this is ideal and exudes quality. However, whether it’s worth nearly £25 is a matter of personal choice.

Posted by David Artiss

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