The back of the OnePlus One is lovely and I’d like to keep it that way too. I’m not one for cases, though, that add massive protection, and bulk, to a phone – I treat mine well. So, avoiding the cheap (and unknown quality) ones, I bought the Nillkin Frosted Shield.

First up, I have no idea what the “Frosted” part of the name represents – there’s no frosted part here. Instead you get a black matt plastic case that snaps over the rear and sides of the phone. All relevant ports and buttons are exposed, with the exception of the SIM card slot. The front of the case sticks out slightly around the edges which means that when the phone is placed face down the screen should be protected from any potential damage. The rear of the case has a “knobbly” textured look and feel, which means its grips very well. I’d have liked a more rubbery feel to it, but that’s a personal taste.

Definitely not to my taste, though, is the vertical “Nillkin” name and logo emblazoned on the back – after spending a reasonable sum for a thin slice of plastic I’m very sure they could avoid the need to advertise themselves further. In fact, losing the OnePlus logo and the Cynaogen name from the back of the phone is a real loss. It’s a shame that Nillkin can’t get permission to print these on the case so we continue to have the boast factor – otherwise, the phone, with its identify removed, just looks like any other black slab. But maybe that’s unfair to target at Nillkin as the others case manufacturers do exactly the same.

There’s not much more to say about the case itself – it feels good, is designed well and fits tightly with no signs of rough edges or generally poor design. It won’t provide much protection if you drop it, but this case is more to prevent scratching from general wear-and-tear.

Packaging wise, you get the case in a plastic box (with very sharp edges, ironically) – holographically tagged so you can ensure it’s genuine. Inside that is another section of plastic in which the case is held. Behind that is a large piece of folded card, within which is a screen protector and cleaning cloth. There’s also a blue rectangular sticker, the use for which is not documented but, apparently, is so that it can be used to remove any dust from the screen before applying the protector. To say the packaging is excessive would be an understatement.

I bought mine from Amazon for £12.90 but they’re also available from Mobile Fun for £11.99.

If you do buy from Amazon, just be careful of some that are selling on Amazon under “Amazon Prime” but have a delivery window of quite a few weeks – pay just a few pence more and you can get one on next day delivery (assuming you have Prime, of course).

As well as black you can also buy white, rose, gold and brown.



A good quality case which, like most, sadly hides the OnePlus One from the world and transforms into something more anonymous. But, never-the-less, for protecting the phone from everyday scratches and nicks, it’s well worth it.

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