My normal case style is a hard plastic type that protects the back and sides from scratches – nothing padded, as I like to keep my phones as slim as possible. With my OnePlus One it was no different. However, I was asked to try the Adarga case – a wrap around leather-style case and, you know, I quite like it.

The problem with the wrap around cases is that you have to open them to even glance at the screen and, let’s be honest, you do look silly with one of these cases when taking phone calls.

The Adarga is actually quite slim – it doesn’t have much padding but will certainly protect the phone from knocks and minor drops. Unlike the pictures below mine has a tan interior. With stitching around the outside it looks very nice. And it’s not difficult to open as the catch is magnetic. On the inside of the front cover are two slots for credit cards and behind this is a large pocket for storage – bank notes, mainly, I’d guess.

Fitting the phone is simple as a hard-style case is stuck to the inside of the rear of the case – you slot the phone into this. All the buttons and sockets are fully accessible and there are cutouts in the rear of the leather case for the camera, flash, etc. The rear of the case has a crease running vertically down the middle – this is because it can be folded, allowing the phone to be “propped up” for watching videos, etc.

The bottom line – it looks very professional. Indeed, within the first hour of turning up at working with this case on my phone, two people already expressed interest in buying one (or the equivalent for their make of phone).

But there are some “niggly” points. It’s a shame, certainly when magnetic catches are being used, that an extra magnet was note added to the case so that the phone automatically sleeps/wakes when the case is closed/opened. Also, a cut-out on the front so that the LED notification light can be seen would certainly not have gone amiss- as it is, when the case is closed, you’re totally reliant on audio clues as to whether any kind of alert is waiting for you.

The last point is not really a fault of the case but is worthy of noting – although very slim for a leather case it’s certainly bulky than my usual slim plastic rear case. As a result, in its case, it no longer sits in the desktop stand I have (it’s a non-charging stand, although if you have one of those I’m guessing it won’t fit either) or the clamp-style windscreen holder I have in the car (the case doesn’t fold back, otherwise this may have been possible).

Packaging from Mobile Fun was minimal – a foam insert prevents the case from becoming misshaped in transit. The whole thing is in a plastic bag.

The Adarga leather-style case for OnePlus One is available from Mobile Fun, in both black and white, for £12.99.



An excellent case for the money. It provides some protection but keeps the slimness of the phone, all the while wrapping it in a leathery-style goodness that looks very professional. A few minor omissions prevents this from being amazing but, even so, it’s a very nice case.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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