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PlayStation 4 Game Installation from CD Shows "Corrupt Data"

So, there I was with a fresh, wrapped copy of GTA V for PS4. Unwrapping it, I pressed the eject button on the PS4 to eject the Battlefield 4 game disc. I put in the GTA disc and left it for a couple of minutes whilst I did something else. The next thing I heard was a couple of beeps as the PS4 switched itself off, which was a little odd.


I turned the PS4 back on, now with my full attention, and after it booted up, I found that the disc was being shown with a broken file image and the words “Corrupt Data”. Highlighting it and pressing the Options button only gave me an option to eject the disc.

I tried powering the PS4 down completely (rather than put it in standby) but that didn’t help. It must have been recognised at some point as the PS4 was also downloading the update file for the game. I wonder if the disc itself is corrupt so I quickly dash back to Game for a replacement, which they’re happy to give me. Except the replacement shows the same error.

So, it looks as if (for some reason) the installation was interrupted and it’s now corrupt. Simple solution – delete the files and start again. Except I can’t. There’s no way to view the files installed on the PS4 – once it’s fully installed you can delete it then but, now, in its half way state there’s nothing.

The error log shows a code of CE-34875-7.

In the end, with lots of Googling, I found a solution – rebuilding the database fixed it. Here’s how to do it…

  • Turn off the PS4 completely (i.e. not in standby).
  • Once off, press and hold the power button. Release it after you’ve heard two beeps: one when you initially press, and another about 7 seconds later.
  • This will boot the PS4 into “Safe Mode“.
  • Connect a DualShock 4 controller with the provided USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.
  • Select the option “Rebuild Database”. It will warn you that it may take hours. In my case, it took less than a minute.

Once rebooted, the controller can be used as normal. I’d removed the CD so that it didn’t try and do anything with it during any of the above process. Putting it back in after the rebuild caused the standard game icon and options to appear and it started installing without any problems.

It’s worth nothing that there are similar issues where it fails during the installation process itself and this can occur if you’ve installed bonus extras for a game before the game itself – particularly the case for GTA V.

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  1. I’m having problems where it’s stuck on 4% on the update and it is no longer continuing. I’m hearing some beeps and a few mechanical noises and then there’s a sudden repetition of those noises every say 5 seconds. Do I use this method?

  2. I just restarted my ps4 and it works

    • Same here! Bo3 was in console and it showed corrupted data. We shut it off completely and it spitted out disc. And turned on. Then is showed no corrupted data!!

  3. hay I followed the steps and still when I put the GTA V disk in it still comes up with corrupted data
    is there anything I can do to fix this

  4. Worked great for me
    But if it happens again do I do it

  5. hi i’m from Brazil. It worked for me, and my error was different (CE-329321-7). Thank you!

  6. the correct error code is this: CE-32921-7

  7. Works perfectly for me. Thanks.

  8. Incredibly helpful, thank you so much

  9. This really helped me. Thank you!!

  10. thanks for this i try it later today damn thing happened to me, no matter what i did the damn thing kept happening.

  11. Thank you so much your the best now all my disc work

  12. you saved my day man thank you so much!

  13. For anyone who may have had a slightly different (way of causing the) problem:

    For me, all the games were installed perfectly from the start, including GTA V. It’s been about a week since I bought my PS4 and installed the games. Today, I (like a dumbo) decided to put it into rest mode by accident (I always turn it off completely), and I pressed the ‘Eject Disc’ button while in that mode. My GTA V disc came out. The PS4 turned back on, but it had the ‘corrupted data’ panel. When I put my GTA V disc in, it recognized the ‘corrupted data’ panel instead of the actual GTA V panel within the home menu.

    It didn’t make weird noises or turn off by itself. I just had a different way of causing the problem which resulted ‘corrupted data’ after all. But, this method worked! So, thank you very much. One thing though, after it rebooted (took me about a minute), my Minecraft PS4 Ed. panel was removed for some reason.. when I put my Minecraft disc back in, it recognized it instantly and the panel came back. No other data was removed/corrupted and after reboot, all the disc games and digital games recognized and played fine.

  14. Thank u ! Worked perfectly! Thought ps got haked again! Your Awesome

  15. Thanks a lot! You saved my sanity :). I had abruptly turned of the PS4 and started getting message your game data is corrupted. Imagine my frustration, and then I found you. You rock!

    • David Artiss

      23rd August 2015 — 1:33 pm

      Thanks (and to everyone else who has expressed similar) – I went through the same frustration and concern when it happened to me so it’s nice to share to prevent others from doing so 🙂

      • I tried this cause my GTA 5 said the same thing with the corrupt data and the code is(CE -30005-8 and it did not work Wat do I need to do my GTA 5 game worked perfect then I didn’t play it for a couple days this happened but all my other game s work fine. Please give me some suggestions my email is [redacted]

      • Mine after I did all.the things you said like rebuild system it took hours then rite when it was almost done it says still corupt data. Ithe won’t work for me. 🙁

      • I tried what you said it still says corrupted disk it’s a used disc but brand new ps4 please help thank you.

  16. Your a hero

  17. OMG this scared the crap out of me with my new Mad Max, you are a lifesaver

  18. Thanks man. I bought destiny brand new and it said that, I just turned off the ps4.it worked

  19. Didn’t work for me either dam

  20. Found this on Google and it worked perfectly, thank you

  21. Thank you very much!!

  22. It hasn’t worked for me what should I do

  23. Do u have to re install everything after doing this method

  24. Do u have to reinstall everything after doing this method

  25. It didn’t work for sadly 🙁

  26. Ta'Cara Truesdale

    11th May 2016 — 7:02 pm

    Your A Life Saver . Thank You So Much

  27. This made the problem worst for me.
    I have overwatch for my PS4 and now it won’t work at all.

    One day my power went out during my gameplay session and it hasn’t worked since. Its always said it was corrupted.
    I tried your method and it did not work

  28. DIDNT WORK FOR ME! ARRGHH IT hets to tje installing screen and randomly chooses a percent to remove disc n say corrupt domething wrong with disc..its made it to 50% the highest before that…So I went a brand new copy, does same thing!!! ARRGHHH!! But uet my little big planet 3 and rayman work fine!! What coukd the problem be than!?? The laser!?? Someone please help! I only bought the damn thing for gta and now I cant play ready to sell with just the two working games …ohhh yea, we played gta at is hoise before I bought it to show me the system worked!! WTF DO I DO NOW HELP HELP HELP SOMEONE!!!

  29. It will delet everything from my ps4. E.I. my savings from other games?

  30. I’m having the same issue as you did. But when I did as you have suggested it still read the disc as corrupt saying ‘corrupt data’. I restarted PS4 and put it in safe mode, and despite all that it read it as corrupt. Only it was the game ‘The Last Of Us’. Does anyone have any suggestions? Should I take it back to the store?

  31. I do that on my 2k17 but is still does it , like it loads in then I try to get a matchance but Then it stops and says the file is corrupt this is getting me mad cuzco I barely bought the game and it’s new


  33. I did what it said in the above but when I put the CD back when it was done it still said corrupted data , what do I do now ?

  34. Bro my stuff keeps saying corrupted data but I can’t click on the application and won’t work and it won’t work I tried and tried and I’m so confused what to do I don’t understand how to fix it may somebody please help I did every method and most of the method it do not worry I reset in my PlayStation I reset it it is shut down we are there everything is still not working I don’t know what to do maybe somebody please help me!!!!!!!!!!! Please somebody help me because I do not understand how to fix this I really want to play my 2K animal

  35. Omg thank you so so so much it worked for me

  36. SONY has advanced in there technology, so you just restart your PS4 now and after that it comes up with, rebuilding data base. It my say taking a couple of mins or hours but it will take way less time then that. Then POOF your PS4 has done all the work for you.

  37. Awesome! Totally worked for me on Rocket League Disc, thanks alot!

  38. Tryed with nhl18 and came back with corrupted data not sure what else to try

  39. I just bought Assassins Creed Origins. It was my first time putting the disc into the ps4. The loading symbol came up on the top right corner for a couple of seconds then it disappeared.

    Nothing came up on the main screen about the game.

    I went into the library to see if the game was there so I could start the game install but nothing was there.

    I went back onto the main screen and there was a box with a broken file in it and when I clicked on it it said Corrupted Data.

    It never gave me any other options but to just eject the disc.

    I’ve tried the methods listed above but it didn’t work. What else can I do to solve this problem?

  40. Its not working when I do it it doesn’t let me in the game still

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