I was particularly impressed with the battery life of my new phone (and still am) and so responded to someone that OnePlus had retweeted (they do that) talking about the same. What I wasn’t expecting was the amount of cynicism and down-right hatred that I’d get in response. I was accused of Photoshopping my battery life screenshot and generally lying.

Oddly the person most vocal is a huge fan of the phone, but is just unable to get the same kind of battery figures.

A chap called Brian is now beginning to see the same after also mentioning his impressive battery life.

Let’s get straight to the point here – if I get battery life of a number of days that does not mean you will. It simply means I use the phone as much (if not more) than my Nexus 5 and that only got a days charge, two if I used it very little. With the OnePlus two is the minimum. For me, that’s impressive. However, if you’re watching videos, playing games, etc, then you won’t get that. It’s not rocket science and at no point did I say anything to suggest otherwise.

Some people just need to wind their neck in.

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