The Lollipop release of Android Wear finally enabled users to take screenshots from their Android Wear devices. Sadly, it doesn’t appear to work correctly (yet) for owners of the LG G Watch R and, for everyone else, it’s still a little buggy. Here’s what you do.

First of all, you have to activate Developer Mode on your watch. On your phone, head to Settings -> About phone and repeatedly click on the Build Number – after a few touches it will unlock the Developer Options within the Settings menu.

Once this has done, head to the Android Wear app and you’ll find a new menu option named “Take wearable screenshot” (see right). Click on this and a screenshot will be taken and downloaded from your watch to your phone – you’ll get a message to tell you that it’s been received. Click on the message to share it. This is where the first bug rears its head – the file has no extension. For this reason some apps don’t seem to like sharing it – Microsoft OneDrive, for instance, doesn’t. However, saving it to Google Drive does work. Simply rename is to a .PNG extension to view it as normal.

The image below I took from my LG G Watch R and you can see the issue with this phone – some tearing of the image in the top right. This is pretty standard at the moment, but hopefully a fix will be forthcoming.

Android Wear Screenshot


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