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When deciding which smartwatch to purchase, one of the benefits the Moto 360 had was that is could be wirelessly docked with a the stand allowing the watch to be used as a bedside clock. I bought an LG G Watch R instead, but still hankered after this functionality.

The LG comes with a circular, magnetic charger that the watch sits on top of – sadly, not sideways, so on a bedside the screen can’t be seen. All it really needs is some kind of stand that holds it vertically, and that’s precisely what Aerios have come up with.

The light aluminium version with light oak wood
The light aluminium version with light oak wood

Initially crafting high quality charging stands for the square Android smartwatches, they’ve now turned to the LG and the upcoming Apple iWatch. Shipped from Australia, and made of the highest quality materials, they’re not cheap – with postage it cost around £40.

What you get for your money is a beautiful piece of Australian walnut or oak to hold your existing magnetic charger vertically, whilst it’s held up by a moulded piece of black or silver anodised aluminium. A micro suction pad on the underside allows you to make it more secure, if you need.

The box, made of thick recycled cardboard, looks very nice. In too pieces, it’s parted to reveal the dock held in the box by more use of cardboard. A USB cable is held underneath with a neat, matching rubber strap. A small booklet is included to show you how to set the dock up.

As I say, the charger goes in top, and a provided USB (with plug moulded just for this design to be held securely in place) comes out of the side. The bottom strap wraps underneath whilst the top simply droops backwards over the top. Simple, eh?

Except it’s not. Sadly, this is design over substance. When I initially set it up I found that having the USB cable go behind the stand causes the opposite side of the charger to lift up, as there’s nothing to secure it in place. A small blob of Blu-tac resolved this, but then I found the next problem. The top strap dropping over the back causes the watch to lift away from the charger and not charge. Moving the strap so it went forward helped but I found that actually getting the watch to dock accurately on the charger was near-impossible. Even when it did work, leaving it for a while and returning, I’d find the watch not charging once more and I’d have to re-adjust the phone.

The problem is those straps simply push the watch forward. Not only that but the magnets in the charger are simply not strong enough to hold it – but then, they weren’t design for vertical use. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the site images are rendered, rather than showing a genuine watch docked neatly in place. Their videos show docks intended for other watches.

To be clear, I’ve only tested the LG G Watch R version – I have no evidence that there are any such issues with those for other devices. However, reviews from other users have indicated the same issue, particularly if you have the original leather strap. Those that have different straps seem to not have problems.



It looks fantastic but, otherwise, is useless. Expensive and useless.

I sold it on eBay, making a bit of a loss but learning my lessons. Moduul was another crowd-sourced technology product, which so often promise so much but deliver little. Suitably burnt more than once in this way, I’m going to very careful about such investments in future.

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