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So, last night Google Play Services crashed on my OnePlus One. Not sure what it had affected, I rebooted the phone. All seemed well. Now, after only being on battery for just over a day, I found it nearly drained of power – the cause was Google Play Services.

Some Googling found the answer and it affects anyone with the 11S version of CyanogenMod (once you update to 12, all will be fine).

A recent update to Google Play Services (version 7) appears to be the cause and you can use CM’s built-in Privacy Guard as a temporary solution.

  • Head to Settings -> Privacy -> Privacy Guard
  • Press the 3 vertical dots in the top right hand corner and ensure “Show built-in apps” is ticked.
  • Scroll down and find “Google Play Services”. Hold it down for a moment and a screen will pop-up with all the permissions.
  • Change “Wake up” and “Keep awake” to denied.
  • Exit back to the previous screen and to the right of “Google Play Services” there is a padlock within a shield – ensure this is highlighted (if not, click on it), as it means that Privacy Guard is now switched on for this application.

What you’ve now done is over-ridden the default permissions for this app, preventing it from waking up – the current cause of the drain.


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