So, after having had my OnePlus One for some time, I finally decided to “splash out” on a good quality case. This is the official flip cover from OnePlus themselves – available in a range of colours, I went for the standard black.

Like most flip cases there is a plastic section inside, into which you clip the phone. A felt interior to this ensures that the phone isn’t damaged whilst held in place. The “leatherette” cover (Bicast leather) wraps around to form a protective front. It adds very little bulk to the phone, unlike others, although I doubt is adds much drop protection. The transparent holder inside also covers the volume and power buttons but you can still operate them through the case – indeed, you can even operate the volume controls when the case is closed. Using the case whilst closed also extends to making phone calls – nothing looks worse when using one of these cases, than to have the front flapping about your ears. In this case you can keep the case closed and still take calls, thanks to a cut-out for the ear piece.

Having nothing to secure the case closed is a slight annoyance but, definitely on the upside, a hidden magnet causes the phone to switch on and off as you open and close it. The one thing that the case doesn’t do, that other flip cases can, is allow you to prop it open, particularly useful for watching videos. Equally, there are no credit card slots inside, but that’s probably how they’ve kept this so thin.

There’s a OnePlus logo etched on the front and the whole thing has a quality look and feel about it.

The last thing to note is the packaging – it’s the usual high quality from OnePlus. A thick, waxy feeling box, which you open up to reveal the case, it’s all very, well, Apple-like. It’s also a bit OTT for a case. The foam insert too isn’t particularly environmentally sound and I would have been happy with less packaging – after all, it’s just going in the bin once the case is in use.

If this kind of case isn’t to your taste then I’ve also heard good things about the Orzly Protective Flexible Soft Gel Case. They’re a thin, transparent case to add as little bulk as possible to the phone and show it off as much as possible. If you have one, feel free to let us know what you think.



A quality case for the money – very thin, lots of couple options and the magnetic unlock is the just the icing on the cake. Highly recommended.

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