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Only recently announced, the OnePlus Power Bank has been designed to match the style of the OnePlus One phone. Available in the same finishes, I went with the Sandstone Black, the same as my phone.

Size-wise it’s about the same height and width as the phone but about twice as thick. The sandstone material wraps around front, back and one of the long sides. Black plastic is on show on the three remaining edges. On one of the plastic edges are 4 LED lights, to show the current charge level. On top are two 2 amp USB ports and a micro USB connection for charging up the power bank. On the front is an etched OnePlus logo. As with all things OnePlus, it looks very elegant. To see the battery level you simply shake it a couple of times and the LEDs will light up. All very simple. And with a 10,000 mAh capacity, it should charge up your OnePlus from nothing over 3 times.

Included is a flat, white, stumpy USB cable.

Oddly the packaging is different from usual – it’s still the usual white outer box with a red inner box, but the quality is no longer there – the outer box is a thinner card and the inner one, although thick, lacks the waxed feel. The Power Bank is then held inside by a very lower quality white plastic blister. The USB cable is held by a plastic wrap and there’s even a full length piece of plastic covering the Bank itself. Finally a small instructions booklet is included, with details in Chinese and English. Lower quality it may be, but a lot more environmentally sound it’s also (having said that, it’s no where near perfect).

And this difference in the usual packaging comes down, I believe, to the fact that this is not being manufactured by the same people as the phone – it may look, at first glance, but other than the sandstone covering, it’s obviously using different components, such as the micro USB port or the provided USB cable. It’s a shame too that 3 edges of the Power Bank are simple plastic, and that the quality of the phone could not be maintained – maybe glass edges or even just extending the Sandstone. But that’s just being a nit-picker. For just £11.89 this is amazing value for money for a 10,000 mAh Power Bank.



Elegant to look at and to use, this is amazing value for the capacity. If you can get one, and it’s hard to do, then it’s very much recommended.

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