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When I purchased my OnePlus last year, it came with a mains charger, but with an EU socket on the end. To resolve this, OnePlus also included a shaver-style convert. It works but the solution is bulky and inelegant. Thankfully, they’ve now produced a UK specific charger.

Whereas the EU charger was quite long, this is wider and generally more stubbier, looking more like the shaver socket they included before. In the usual white plastic with the red OnePlus logo on it, it certainly looks the part. A simple USB socket adorns the front. There’s no cable included – you just need to use the one you were originally supplied with.

Punching out the usual 2.1 amps of charge, it will top up your OnePlus One in a jiffy.

The packaging is the usual high quality OnePlus affair, all made of thick, waxed, coloured card – a red box inside, which is pushed out from the white surround. The outer box contains the OnePlus logo along with an imprinted outline of the charger. Oddly it comes with a “manual” but is really just a specification along with warranty information. All parts of the charger itself was covered in plastic film, which needed removing beforehand. Over the top? Most definitely.

The OnePlus UK Charger was purchased from the OnePlus Store for £6.99.


Over the top packaging is the norm, but this is a good quality charger for the OnePlus with a high output and good lucks.

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