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I mentioned during my review of the Lollipop release of CyanogenMod that I was having issues with Google Play Services crashing when using any kind of navigation app – both Google Maps and TomTom caused the same thing. At random intervals, sometimes just a few seconds apart, Google Play Services would crash. The app would continue to work fine but the screen would be obscured by the error pop-up that needed clearing – not very convenient when driving!

Numerous updates to Google Play Services have come and gone but none have resolved it, even though I report the details of the error each time.

I almost fixed it by uninstalling Google Play Services i and then letting it re-install. One downside – I use an Android Wear watch and by doing this, they stopped communicating with each, and no ability to re-pair. I had to factory reset the watch to get it working again.

Even after this, though, although the regular error during navigation had gone, I was still getting ad-hoc Google Play Services errors during normal use.

The eventual fix – a Factory Reset of the phone. I did it from the boot menu, rather than from within Android itself and only after clearing the cache first. I also made the decision to not automatically re-install my apps, in case any of them were causing issues – installing them myself, slowly, seemed to be a good decision to make.

And it did cure it – Google Play Services errors are now a thing of the past and navigation works smoothly.

  1. or rather all the updates, since you can’t totally remove it[]

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