Trigger Treadz are stick-on, rubber grips for your gaming controller triggers – in this case for the PS4. You get 4 in a packet and these are intended for 2 controllers – so, in the case of the PS4 controller these will fit the L2 and R2 button. There are two different designs for the two pairs – “racing rubber” and “all terrain”, and this simply differentiates the pattern on the grip. In use, I couldn’t ascertain a difference.

Each is labelled up for the individual trigger as they are shaped for each. Peel off the backing paper and then carefully apply. Push down and it’s done. I’ve read in some reviews of people finding them peel off soon after but I’ve had no such issue. It may help leaving them a number of hours after applying before using them.

Packaging of these consist of simple, and not too over-sized, cardboard surround with a plastic section in the middle to hold the 4 grips. A folded up instruction leaflet lurks inside too, with written instructions on one side and a diagram on the other. The written instructions, although adequate, are in a tiny font – if you have even the smallest sight issue, you may struggle reading it. The diagram is quite funny in a way – it shows the back of the controller, 2 grips and arrows pointing to where they go. The second, and last, diagram shows the grips on the controller. I guess there isn’t much else to it but it’s not much different to a before and after picture and, I don’t think, adds anything.

But, most importantly, do they perform? They were solid and I can feel them under my fingertips but I didn’t notice any difference in grip. But then I’ve found much the same with controller grips – I’m sure they ARE making a difference, but just not to the point it’s really noticeable. Certainly, these grips are better than the standard plastic trigger.

May 2016 – In the last few weeks the glue has stopped working and they have started to become unstuck. As a result I’m going to have to remove them (and clear up the glue left behind). This means they’ve lasted about 8 months, which isn’t particularly good. I’ve therefore updated the review score to reflect this.


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