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Xenta are more well known for technology products, yet here we have a Xenta branded office chair. Nothing exciting? Well, like a good keyboard and mouse, a decent chair is critical, yet often overlooked.

The provided instructions!

Arriving in a large box, each of of the components that make it up are individually wrapped – wrapped quite a lot actually, so you end up with quite an excess of bubble wrap and plastic by the end of it. A single sided A4 sheet contains the build instructions (see image to the right – click for a larger version) and, well, it’s not very good. Having said, having built a lot of furniture over the years, it’s no where near the worse. Markings on some of the items (for example, the handles, which are marked with an L and R) are not mentioned and there are no details on how to make adjustments of the seat once assembled.

It took me about 20 minutes to put it all together – the only tool needed is an Allen key, which is supplied. Little silver plugs cover the screw holes and the whole thing feels solid.

It’s not “proper” leather, but PU leather – none-the-less, it certainly smells like the real thing and reminded me of my car when it was first new. There is light stitching around the seams and the leather is perforated where your bottom and back go, as this is where it can get a little damp due to sweat. Otherwise, there’s lovely padded head and armrests, with a raised area that goes between your legs, with a drop off where your actual legs go. Additional, there are some padded “wings” on the backrest, for shoulder support. The end result is a lot of comfort!

With 5 legs on the base, a caster on each, they recognise that people will often put their feet on them by covering the end with a ridged plastic section – it actually looks nice as well as being practical.

A handle underneath allows you to raise and lower the chair. You can also push and pull this to unlock the tilt mechanism too. It’s not as much adjustability as some chairs, but certainly what you’d expect at this price point.

Which reminds me – dimensions! It’s approximately 65cm wide and 72cm deep. At its lowest height setting, the back rest if about 110cm, with the handles about 70cm (just in case you need to squeeze it under a low desk). At its maximum height the back rest is 120cm and the handles 80cm. Basically, there’s a 10cm difference between the lowest and tallest setting.

My previous office chair Deluxe Gas Lift Manager’s Office Chair – Black for £69.99 but this is vastly superior – both in looks and comfort. With hard plastic handles and no contouring it’s no match for the Xenta equivalent.

Issues? Apart from the aforementioned instructions, there are some issues with the powder coating on the metal section of one of the arms – it doesn’t seem to have been applied properly so is a little dark. Having said that, it’s under the arm so simply looks like a shadow across it. Additionally, the little silver plugs that cover the screws are not always evenly sprayed on the edges, making the black plastic more visible. But these are just minor cosmetic issues and nothing of major concern.

It has an RRP of £84.99 but can currently be bought from eBuyer for just £59.99.



Looks great, is very comfortable and is rather good value for money. The only thing that really lets it down are the instructions, and that’s forgivable!

This is now the chair I use in my home office (I’m sat in it as I write this), so expect updated feedback over time as I use it more and more.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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