Skimlinks is a fantastic way to add revenue to your website. It both adds advertising links to your site’s text but also updates existing one to moneterise it (and all whilst protecting your SEO!). Once you’ve signed up and added your site, you can use their official plugin to activate it on WordPress.

However, this will automatically add Skimlinks to all your posts and pages – maybe not something you want, particularly if you accept sponsored posts. I’m therefore proud to announce an additional plugin named No Skim that allows you to suppress Skimlinks on sections of your site. A simple shortcode wrapper around any of your post content and Skimlinks will not add or modify any links – a very simple and perfect solution.

A future release will see a post editor box added with a simple tick box to let you suppress Skimlinks on the entire post, without the need for the shortcode.

Download the plugin from All support is provided via the forum.