I finally had a prompt on my Windows 7 desktop PC yesterday to say that I could now update to Windows 10, so this morning I set the update running. All-in-all everything took less than an hour, which is pretty good going.


I had problems with two applications – Kaspersky Internet Security and an Intel RAID application. The latter was resolved by downloading the latest driver. Kaspersky was a little trickier. After the update to W10, Kaspersky was still installed but not running so I re-installed it. This got it working but it kept stating that it was running in Safe Mode. A quick trip to the Kaspersky forum resolved this, though – uninstall Kaspersky, switch off Windows Defender, re-install. Now it’s working just fine. I’ve yet to run through a list of all my apps but nothing obvious appears to be missing.

One immediate tip – there’s an “EN” language switcher icon in the bottom right. If you don’t use multiple languages this can be an annoyance. Click on it to modify the settings – you’ll find the US is default with UK as a backup language. Make UK the default and delete US – the icon should now go from the task bar.

More to come, particularly as I start installing it on other devices…

Chrome drawing issues

I keep finding that Chrome has issues re-drawing the window when I resize it, sometimes even just scrolling. In addition, when typing in the URL bar I often find that the text I type doesn’t appear. The solution – head into Advanced Options within Chrome and switch off hardware acceleration.