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As with their keyboard, Xenta are producing products from the market that have their own unique selling point. In the case of this – a wireless mouse – it has its own replaceable rubber sides, with different grips.

Let’s start from the beginning – the Xenta Wireless Mouse is a shiny, piano black plastic mouse measuring 112 x 58 x 31 mm. Although it looks symmetrical it’s only really for right-handers due to the forward and back buttons on the left hand side. The usual clickable scroll wheel is present too. Slide away a compartment in the base and there’s room for the required single AA battery, along with storage for the tiny USB receiver, which uses the 2.5 GHz frequency range. Take this out, plug it into a spare USB port, switch the mouse on (there’s a sliding switch on the underside) and you have an immediate wireless connection – they say it’s “plug and play” and that was my experience too. The laser underneath is of the invisible type too.

And it has one further trick too – hold down both mouse buttons for 3 seconds and you can switch between different DPI settings (800 – 2000). It’s a shame there’s no visual or audio indicator for this, so there’s no way of knowing what the current setting is, or indeed whether it’s worked, other than by trial-and-error.

So far, so relatively ordinary. The trick up the sleeve here, however, is that the mouse comes with 4 foam inserts that going into the blank spaces on either side of the mouse. There is one for the left hand side but 3 for the right, 1 being pretty plain and the other 2 having finger moulds for different sizes of hands. You can try them out by inserting them into the space but, when you’re ready to make it more permanent, a peel of backing allows you to stick them into place. I chose the “large hand” foam insert and it worked well, placing the moulded “dents” just where my fingers would rest. I’m not sure why there isn’t a similar option for the left hand side though.

The mouse has a nice glide to it and there is a solid, micro-switched click to each mouse button, which is nice. The scroll wheel too feels solid as, indeed, does the whole mouse – with the USB receiver removed there is no rattle to the mouse at all. The big let down are the side buttons – the forward button is too far away from my finger and the back button feels quite dead in use (although it does work). Personally, I would have preferred a mouse without these and extra moulds for the left hand side, allowing this mouse to work for both left and right handed users.

The packaging of this product is an oddly mixed bunch – there’s no plastic wrap around the mouse, which is good, and the instructions are printed on the outer box. The box itself contains only a battery and the 4 foam inserts, other than the mouse itself. The problem, though, is all of this is sat inside the biggest lump of foam you could imagine, with sides up to 2.5 cm thick – I suspect the foam is what allows them to not use any extra packaging but I’m very sure the thickness is too much, particularly as the base is just 0.8 cm.

One thing that does make me laugh are the bad translations on the packaging. The front of the packaging, for instance, boldly claims this to be a “high cost laser wireless mouse”. High cost isn’t something you usually advertise 😉 Underneath the mouse is the rather broken English claim that “to save tree we do not use sticker”.



A reasonable quality mouse with unique foam inserts that allow you to tailor the fit of the mouse in your hand. Just be aware that the side buttons aren’t particularly good. But it feels solidly made and looks, in the flesh, nicer than it does in the pictures. For the price, it’s certainly worth a try, particularly if you find other mice feel uncomfortable.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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