The Kingston MobileLite G4 is a USB 3 card reader. With slots for both micro and standard SD cards, it is compatible with all the current formats, including the stupidly quick UHS-II.

Made mainly from a single piece of metal, it’s sturdy and looks good. A plastic slot at the end ensures no accidental transfer of current to the card as it’s inserted but even this is well made with a hexagonal pattern etched into it. Also in the plastic end are two slots for adding key-ring loops.


In test, particularly with a UHS-II card, it gives excellent speeds from any card used in it.

Packaging, annoyingly, is the kind of plastic that requires cutting into. Inside is a simple cardboard surround. No instructions, to speak of. Ok, there’s a diagram showing you slot in a card and slot the device into a USB port. What else do you need?

The whole thing is topped off with a 2 year guarantee.



Fast, robust, looks good and compatible with anything you can throw at it, there’s nothing more you could need. The price isn’t bad considering the quality. Recommended.

Kingston MobileLite G4

Kingston MobileLite G4



    The Ups

    • Well built
    • Fast
    • Good value for money

    The Downs

    • Horrible packaging!