I don’t know about everyone else but when at work, I need somewhere to put my phone that isn’t just flat on my desk (and that’s probably just asking for something to be spilled over it). I did have a plastic phone stand but have recently upgraded to this Mobile Mate aluminium equivalent.

Available in a number colours (I chose black) it really is sturdy. It will hold either a phone or tablet, although I found the lip it sits on to be a little small – if your phone is a little thicker and in a case it may not be enough and you’ll find yourself pushing it back rather than just sitting it where it initially lands (as is normally how I put my phone down into a stand).

A slot down the centre allow you to sit your device in the stand, whilst charging, which is an excellent feature, normally missing from other stands.

There are rubber feet underneath and 2 on the lip that the device sits on. These aren’t fitted very well and stick over the side of the metal – they also weren’t pressed down very well and so weren’t stuck in places too.

The whole thing measures 76mm(h) x 64mm(w) x 77mm(l) and weighs a sturdy 10.4g.

The box it comes in is half cardboard, half clear plastic, which allows the stand to be shown. It’s held in place within the box by a further piece of clear plastic. The product details on the box are an hilarious Chinese translation to English (“Aluminium stand for Whole Mobile Possible charger & sink in standing”). The box is just the right size for the stand though, rather than being over-sized as many are, so it at least gets some environmentally friendly points back for that.


It’s aluminium, sturdy and even allows you to stand your phone up whilst a charger is connected to the bottom. Only the depth of the metal that the device itself sits on potentially lets it down. But at much more than £2, who’s arguing?

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