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The Nexus 6P is only now getting to customers, having been announced last month for pre-order, and the first thing that comes to most people’s minds are to wrap your new precious in a case. Unfortunately, some of the official cases were not initially available and others, well, they’re suffering from a “laser autofocus” issue. Let me explain further…

Orzly Case - front and backTo the right of the rear camera is the flash but further right, and not easily visible, is a laser autofocusing system. Case manufacturers, given early mockup details of the phone, didn’t know about this so many of the current cases cover the autofocus up. Not good.

So, buyer beware when it comes to the cases. The official ones are the best option to go for to reduce any element of doubt, but until I can get the one I want I went for the Orzly FlexiCase – a cheap, transparent, soft gel case that will protect my phone in the meantime. Weighing just 9 grams, it doesn’t add much bulk to the phone and covers the rear and sides – with the obvious cut-outs for camera, USB, etc (and, yes, including the laser auto-focus). It’s a snug fit and although the outside is smooth (although still has plenty of grip) the inside has tiny dimples in it which ensures the case grips well – these dimples are so tiny they’re not noticeable unless you look closely.

How much protection does it give? A reasonable enough, considering it’s lack of size. What it mainly does, and what I wanted it for, is protect it from scratches. The sides stick up sufficiently that if you lay your 6P down on the front the screen is raised from the ground, which is good.

Packaging is a simple box, with a plastic front. Nothing else holds the case, so the whole thing is quite minimal. There are only generic details about Orzly printed on and nothing specific about the case itself, which does at least mean that the packaging can be used for a range of products.


It’s cheap, covers the phone snugly and looks… okay. I’m not a huge fan of cases like these but it’s one of the better examples. And at less than £3, it’s worthwhile, particularly if you’re waiting for the case that you REALLY want.

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