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The SoundPEATS M20 are a budget set of earphones which are designed to still deliver sound beyond their cheap price.

SoundPEATS-M20-connection1They appear to be of a metal construction but they don’t feel heavy, weighing just 13.5g. It’s all black construction with just a hint of red inside the removable ear-tips – you get 3 different sizes of these. The 1.2 metre cable is flat and tangle-free. Along the cable is a small control, consisting of a single button and a microphone, where the button can be used to answer calls or pause music. Microphone quality is good.

The M20’s pack a frequency response 20-20,000Hz but it’s how they sound in “real life” that matters. A little bass heavy, they really do punch above their budget weight, though. Clear, interference free, and the ear-tips really do form a good seal in your ear, providing an excellent noise cancelling equivalent.

The packaging consists of an over-sized hard plastic box, containing further plastic insert (to hold the headphones inside in such a way that they can be shown). The cable (held by a wire/plastic cable tie) and extra ear-tips (in a plastic bag) are in a box at the bottom, which is also used to show product information. Environmentally, it’s not particularly good.


In the front of my work bag are a set of earphones ((the earphones that came with my Samsung Galaxy S2, which goes to show how long I’ve had them)) – nothing too pricy as the bag gets knocked around a lot. For the first time, they’ve been replaced… with the M20s. For the price, you’ll struggle to beat this – well built and excellent sound quality, it’s well worth owning a pair.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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