The USB Type C standard is pretty new but it’s highly likely in the coming months you’ll see it more and more. And not just for phones and tablets – laptop too.

Having got a Nexus 6P, complete with USB type C connection, I found my provided mains charger wasn’t enough – I needed a second one. Now, you get with the phone a type C to type A cable (type A is the large USB connector we’re all used to on our laptops) so, technically, you can use this in a standard USB mains charger. However, as it has to abide by the standard USB specification (i.e. that chunky connection on one side) the power rating is a lot lower. If you want to get a high power, rapid charger then a “proper” USB type-C charger is required.

The Nexus 6P (and 5X) uses its own rapid charging technology so buying elsewhere simply won’t give you this. For this reason I bought from Google themselves. However, at £20 it’s a pretty steep price for a charger.

It comes in a rather nondescript box (in fact there’s no evidence this has anything to do with Google as there is branding at all on the packaging), lots of plastic covering the charger and a booklet included (is this really necessary?).  The cable is captive from the charger so can’t be unplugged (boo). The mains socket itself is quite a flat affair, with the UK ground pin pushing down when not in use to make it even more compact. A blue plastic clip is on the cable, making it easier for you to hold the cable together when not in use.

Ampere shows the maximum charge rate at nearly 3000 mA (2940 mA to be more precise), although this tends to drop after a short while and settle around 2870 mA. Not surprisingly, this kicks in the “rapidly charging” features of the Nexus 6P and it’s no time at all before your phone is full charged.


A guaranteed fast charger for your Nexus 6P. But it’s expensive and you don’t even have another cable to use, as this one is captive. But it’s compact and probably about as good as you’ll get from a humble mains charger.

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