Known for their high quality phone cases, Adopted have created a number of exclusive cases for the recently released Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P. Available from the Google Store they are a little pricey, and in the case of the folio case for the Nexus 6P, quite expensive. But are they worth the money?

Let’s get this out of the way first – the folio case costs £40. That’s an expensive case for a phone. But I was after a good quality folding leather cases for my 6P and this was the best option. Don’t get me wrong, others are available but these are quite cheap models – and I’ve had experience of these with previous phones and not been impressed. What I wanted was a good looking, slim, folding case with a magnetic sleep/wake option and no securing mechanism (I find they add bulk, make it harder to open/close and, well, don’t do much).

Coming in smart plastic/card packaging that’s very easy to open (and you don’t damage it either in doing so) the case is held inside securely. The folio consists of a hard case that fits over the rear of the phone and is held in place via plastic corner sections – the rest of the edge is left open which means, for example, that the buttons can be accessed and aren’t covered at all. The whole of this plastic section has a rubberised texture to it.

Over the rear, and folding around the front, is a high quality leather wraparound. The front has a soft microfibre interior, which protects the screen from any damage.There is a fine stitching around the edges but, in the same colour as the main leather, doesn’t stand out.

The case looks gorgeous and is, in the flesh, a lot better than the images suggest. The microfibre interior feels incredibly soft and the plastic sections, as I’ve said previously, have a lovely soft rubber feel to them. The leather smells amazing, like a good quality, new wallet. With the phone sitting next to me I often catch a smell of it and it’s something I’ll never get tired of. Who thought something such as a phone case would give such a great sensory experience?

All of the ports are accessible – as I say, apart from the edges, the sides of the phone are open so all buttons, USB, headphone socket, etc, are accessible. The entire of the rear, black, camera and sensor area is uncovered, as well as the speakers on the front. The only obvious omission – the notification LED.

The folio is available in carbon (dark grey – nearly black) and amber (brown).

After I published this review I was contacted by Epic Tutorials on Twitter. They highlighted an issue with this case that they’d experienced – not being able to get the phone out of the case once it was in it.

I’ll admit, the case was so good I hadn’t considered removing it so, prompted by this message, I tried and, yes, it was a problem. I was able to get the bottom right out, as other people report, and then the top right, which then allowed me to slide the phone out. It was a very tight fit, though, and I can imagine where some people are struggling. I’d certainly recommend flexing the top part of the rear case before fitting it, to give some extra “give”.

However, as I’m able to get mine out, I don’t believe it would be fair to downgrade my score. Just be aware that this is an issue. Personally, I’d prefer the case to be held securely than easily fall out (I had a similar case for another phone and the phone would fall out if the case was dropped – that’s not good!).

Here is the review of the case from Epic Tutorials…



This is a very high quality case, which is what you’d expect from Adopted. A lovely leather surround, soft rubber edges and a silk soft microfibre interior, this is probably the more luxurious case you can get for a Nexus 6P. However, you pay for that luxury.  It doesn’t provide much impact protection either – this is certainly a case that’s more about style.

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  1. Do you still have this case? I’ve seen comments about the screen turning off when the flap is at the back of the phone. I have the Moto Flip Shell case for my Moto G which I love. I just ordered the Nexus 6P and wanted something similar. Also, is there a magnetic force that keeps the flap closed?

    1. I do – it’s my case of choice. To address your questions – no, it doesn’t turn off when the flap is fully open and, no, it doesn’t have anything to keep the flap closed.

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