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Most of the cases available for the Nexus 6P are the opaque type that protect the rear and side. The Ringke Fusion is no different. Available in Smoke Black or Crystal View, it’s the former I have. In this case, the sides and the top of the rear is in a smoked transparent soft plastic. However, the majority of the rear (from under the camera ‘bulge’) is a harder plastic and is completely transparent. If you buy the Crystal View version, the whole thing is totally transparent.

The soft rubber sides and camera section add the required protection, whereas the harder back gives a much flatter, quality look to the rear. Some small feet sit around this to prevent it from getting scratched. To top this off Rearth provide a cardboard template, allowing you to to create an insert to go in the case – a photo or favourite picture. It’s a nice touch but I suspect you’ll need to have some patience to get the phone in the case without moving the picture.

Also included in the package is a screen protector – just a single one, although of excellent quality. It even comes with an instructions leaflet as well (the screen protector, not the case).

Back to the case. It adds very little bulk to the phone and all ports and sensor are accessible (including that dreaded laser auto-focus). The power and volume controls are covered but thanks to the buttons being on a floating mount, they’re easy to use. The headphone socket even has a cover on it as well. On the bottom, left of the case is a hook for a a strap.

All of this comes in a tear-open foil “eco package”. There’s no further packaging to speak of other than some protective film on the case to protect both sides of the hard case rear.



If all you want is a slim cover that protects the rear and side of the phone then this is the best option I’ve yet come across. The picture option is a bit of a gimmick but the provided screen protector is of excellent quality. It looks great, has lots of useful features and isn’t a great amount of money, either. What’s not to like?

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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