The SoundPEATS Q9A are a pair of wireless earbuds/earphones that use Bluetooth (4.1 to be more specific) to connect to your phone or other device. They also use APT-X, so if your transmitting device has the same technology you’ll benefit from much clearer Bluetooth sound.

They look like a pair of over-sized earphones, with an ear hook on each, and a short wire connecting the two. This is the problem with wireless earphones – to pack that technology in makes them bulky, which is why an ear-loop is required to keep them in place. You kind-of screw them into your ear, inserting the bud first and then moving the loop over your ear in a clockwise direction. You’re given 3 different sizes of bud so you can get a good fit.

On one earbud are the controls – power and volume up/down. The power button also allows you to take calls, pair devices and, for Android users, can kick off ‘OK Google’ as well. In fact, there is a list of button combinations that perform various additional actions – long or double presses, for example.

On the other earbud is the microphone along with a micro-USB port for charging. An LED shows the current status, although voice prompts also assist as well.

Pairing was easily done and I found them easy to fit over and in the ear. They provide a snug fit, with a good level of noise reduction. They had a good balance of sound without being too overpowering at either end and background hiss was limited too. Overall, the sound was impressive considering I wasn’t using an APT-X compatible transmitter.

It takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge them and then they’re good for approximately 4-5 hours of playback. They have a Bluetooth range of 10m, but I think this was a little optimistic.

The Q9A’s come in a compact box, on which is printed specifications, what’s included in the box as well as where all the controls and connections are – a very handy addition. Inside is a hard case to store the earbuds in (with one side having a netting to hold accessories in). 3 sizes of earbuds are included, the two spare are in a plastic bag. Also in the bag is a clip (although I can’t find any details of what you’re meant to do with this) and two rectangles of plastic with grooves in – these can be used to manage the cable between the earbuds (i.e. you wrap the cable around the grooves). Another bag stores the micro USB cable that is used for re-charging the headset, with a cable tie holding it together. The headset itself (stored inside the hard case) is held by another simple cable tie.

The final thing in the box is a small instruction leaflet which covers the basics of use as well at repeating the information printed on the box – button usage, etc. As with the previous SoundPEATS product I reviewed the instructions have been translated reasonably well, with only the odd lack of clarity (e.g. “This earphones is in compliance with the specified Bluetooth version.”).



Considering their bulk they actually look quite stylish. However, it’s the sound that matters and I’m happy to say I didn’t have any problems with them in that department. They sound excellent, it comes in a very stylish package and are very good value for money.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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