Where possible I’ve been buying from Google to ensure I get high quality, USB type-C products but when it comes to a car charger, they don’t sell any. Don’t get me wrong, I already have a car charger. And quite good it is too – dual 2.4W ports with excellent output power. The thing is, the extra power you can get through type-C doesn’t work if they then pair it with a standard USB port – so as much as I could have used the type-A to type-C provided with the phone by Google, the weakness would always have been the conversion from one standard to another.

So, I took a chance with the Tronsmart. It says nothing about providing fast charging feature compatible with the Nexus 6P but is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, so I was hoping that may provide an advantage. It features something titled “Volt iQ”, which basically means it matches output for the device plugged into it.

The Tronsmart has one captive type-C cable as well as a Quick Charge standard USB socket. Both are rated at 2.4W. The captive cable is 1M long, which is enough for it to reach the windscreen for when I’m using my phone as a SatNav. When you plug it in, it’s quite compact, and there’s no light indicating it’s in use (I like the fact that there’s no light, but you may think differently). You also get with it a micro USB cable to use in this secondary socket.

But, the important question, how does it do with the Nexus 6P? For testing your phone should be low on battery, otherwise it may not try and charge at full speed. As soon as I plugged my phone in, it showed what I hoped to see – “Rapidly charging”. Running Ampere I saw input up to 2010 mAh, which is excellent. To compare, I then tried my old charger along with the aforementioned cable provided by Google. This gave me 1160 mAh, almost half I was getting with the Tronsmart.

The Tronsmart comes in a compact box. The charger itself is contained in a bag with a plastic cable tie around the cable. The micro USB cable that comes with it is also tied in a similar way. Otherwise you get a small cardboard leaflet about Volt iQ and a paper instruction manual in six languages. Environmentally wise this could have been a lot better but, let’s be honest, it could have been a lot worse too!


After a review on Amazon from a Google employee, it became apparent that this device could have issues when attempting to charge certain items, such as a Pixel C laptop. A new model is now available, which rectifies this issue, so please ensure you purchase this one. However, the existing product should work fine for phones, etc, and even in the experience of the Google employee, it only caused the charger itself to stop working rather than cause any damage to the connected equipment. For this reason I’m happy to continue using my existing charger with my phone.

Tronsmart USB Type-C Car Charger
  • Power
  • Features
  • Value for money


I took a bit of a ‘punt’ on getting this and it worked out to be the right decision. Not costing too much, this is an excellent quick charger for the Nexus 6P. And with a second USB port, you can charge something else at the same time. And the good thing too is that if I change my phone later to one that’s compatible with Quick Charge, that will benefit too. Only the captive cable lets it down.

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