I’ve been after a way to store my watch for sometime – indeed, I reviewed the Aerios Moduul, which turned out to be an expensive disappointment. I’ve seen 3D printed versions since but these were of low quality, so I was very happy to see this one from GOOQ. To be honest, there’s not much to it. The top is an angled version of the official charger, with a vertical stand from one side down to a weighted base. The whole thing is about 20cm tall. My plan was to have this on the bedside and I thought the height may be too much but the angle is just right that I can still see the time.

Built into the back of the base is the micro-USB socket, so you can just plug in your existing charger. The whole thing is just a simple, single unit, all in black.

I was wondering how it would cope with the fact that I have a replacement, metal strap – but that’s just fine. The whole strap dangled down and the whole thing is just the right height to ensure it doesn’t touch the bottom, causing the watch to be pushed up, off the charging contacts.

So now it’s on my bedside, charging the watch overnight and, thanks to an app, showing the time and current charge.

Packaging is a simple resealable plastic pouch.



An excellent product. Simple in its design,it just works.

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