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SoundPEATS continue to produce quality wireless headphones at a competitive price – I’ve previously reviewed the Q9A, Q800 and A1, all excellent. Today it’s the Q11, their premium in-the-ear offering.

The Q11 are very similar to the Q9A – large earbuds with a short cable running between them. A hook goes over each year to keep them in place, although in this case the earbuds are pill-shaped with a bright red cable connecting them. The big difference here is an inline remote control , incorporating a microphone. Volume controls are at either end and, in the middle, is a red button, which they call the “multi function button” (or MFB). It can switch the headset on and off, activate voice control, answer a call, mute, pause music, and numerous other things, depending on how long you hold the button or how many times you press it.

This frees up the ear pieces themselves from buttons and connection, with the exception of a covered micro USB port on the right piece – this is used for charging. You should get 5 hours of music or talk time out of a full charge.

The Q11s pack the latest Bluetooth 4.1 standard, as well as apt-X and CVC noise reduction. apt-X provides a higher quality Bluetooth audio transmission (if your receiving device – e.g. a smartphone or tablet – also supports it). CVC, on the other hand,  is a noise reduction system for phone calls. It doesn’t work for music playing but, to be honest, with a tight fit of the earbuds, outside noise is virtually eliminated.

Pairing is simple, particularly as they are automatically in pairing mode when you first switch them on, and voice controls assist you. An LED indicator on one of the earpieces also assists.

Sound, as with the other examples from SoundPEATS, is excellent. Good, but not overpowering, bass coupled with a clear mid and high range. Volume too is very good and the microphone is clear. They’re easy to fit and comfortable in the ear.

Packaging is a simple, but smart, box, in which is a hard case for the headphones. Also included are two plastic bags – one contains a micro USB cable for charging and other has a a number of different sized rubber ear-tips (including some specially for phone calls, which are partially open, so you don’t get the full noise reduction and end up shouting), as well as cable tidy and clip. It’s all rather excellent and pretty everything you could want, accessory wise.



They sound great and are comfortable and attractive to use. Packed with features and coming with lots of accessories, these are excellent value for Bluetooth headphones. I can highly recommend them

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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