For the second time this week I get the pleasure in reviewing a bike light set, where the front light doubles as a handy torch. It’s by the same manufacturer but it’s, well, different.

For a start, instead of the all metal construction of the previous versions, this is in a white plastic. It’s also a lot bulkier which means the whole thing is a lot uglier, and less well constructed. It may be to some people’s tastes, design wise, but no really mine.

Taking 4 AAA batteries, the front is unscrewed to access the battery compartment but I struggled to get it open and, in particular, get the batteries out. On top is a red rubber button for switching the light on and the different settings – full brightness, half brightness and flashing. And, yes, as the name suggests, it’s bright. Slide it in the included holder, which can be attached via a simple thumb screw to your bike frame, and it’s converted to a bike light. Rubber inserts ensure that it doesn’t damage your frame.

Also included are two simple, but effective, rear light. Encased in a soft rubber, they’re wrapped around your rear frame. Press the top to switch it on and then flick between 2 flashing speeds and solid light. The only thing that lets this down (as with the other model) is that it uses a button cell battery, which can be expensive to replace regularly.

The whole thing come in a nice box, with a simple foam insert to hold everything in place. Instructions on the use of the main light/torch are printed on the bottom of the box, but this doesn’t include anything about the rear lights, which is a shame. The whole thing comes with a lifetime warranty.



The price is competitive, the construction is okay, but it’s dual use and bright beam sets it apart. Personally I find the white plastic a little ugly but, apart from the battery issue with the rear lights and the lack of instructions, I couldn’t find any issues, so would recommend this. However, definitely look at the previous reviewed model for comparison, as that’s my favourite of the two.

Disclosure of gift - I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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