Twice in one day? Yep – I’m happy to say that Suppress Shortcodes is now available for download.

Suppress Shortcodes is a shortcode that suppresses others from being interpreted and output. Does that make sense? Let’s say you’re writing some documentation about WordPress and you want to mention a shortcode, but it’s a plugin you have installed – what happens when you display the post? The shortcode is not output but actioned. Sometimes it would be nice to do the opposite.

Simply wrap the shortcode of [noin] around any shortcode that you don’t want to have actioned.

So, let’s say you want to write about the [youtube] shortcode – but you know that adding it to your post will cause it to be actioned and the shortcode replaced with video output instead. Just put [noin] around it, like so…

If you have any issues or ideas, please don’t hesitate to use the support forum on